Dave Cummings- Says Screw My Wife Please!


BY: Dave Cummings ? Porn Star, Producer, and Director
MAY, 2010

I?m often asked what it?s like to be on a porn shoot; and, lots of folks ask me to arrange for them to get on a set (something I can?t do!) so they can ?just? watch.

Well, I think innovative Director Bobby Rinaldi of Wildlife Productions has created a way for folks to feel like they are/were actually on set. Employing multiple cameras, he?s adroitly and uniquely captured the actual happenings of a typical day on a porn set from start to finish, and has begun releasing 3-hour DVDs of live and uncensored looks of the original version of each of the last four shoots of his ongoing and acclaimed ?Screw My Wife, Please? series. Last week, he filmed Volume 72 of the series, and yes there was extensive all-day filming for a ?Live and Uncensored? DVD of it, and what it?s like being on a porn shoot. Keep an eye on www.wildlifexxx.com to see when it?s released?and, if you want to experience being a live set, enjoy all of these sex-filled and informative releases from Wildlife (even though I was in the filming, I found the DVDs of the shoots interesting and sexually exciting). I?ve always felt like Bobby Rinaldi was a super Director, and his latest creation is further proof of it.

Last week?s shoot of Volume 72 was super-enjoyable and naturally pleasant, due in part to the beautiful scenery of the mountains and hills of Calabasas, an upscale community west of Canoga Park, California. Of course, the scenery of five beautiful wives being separately filmed in various sexual positions also was ?enjoyable and pleasant?. There?s always fun kidding and laughter on Bobby Rinaldi sets, and a sense of ?family?. And, yes, even though my main function in the series is to perform as ?Host? for the shoot, a couple of the wives gave me head, both in the Behind-the Scenes (BTS) footage and in the actual sex scene filming. God bless them!

Speaking of ?family?, my son turned 43 recently, and in addition to the normal family birthday cake, ice cream, and presents on his actual birthday, my grandson (age 13) and granddaughter (age 7) cooked up a scheme to kidnap him and release him in the kid?s area of the nearby Chuck E. Cheese, just like he was still a ?kid?. I was designated as the getaway driver. My grandkids put a lot of planning into the family fun, and made numerous phone calls to ?Grandpa Dave? chuckling over their latest idea for the event. Unfortunately, on ?kidnap? day, it rained so hard that we unavoidably went to their ?plan b? which called for diverting to a local brewery and grill for pizza. The giggling as the kids talked about their master plan between bites of pizza was constant; we were all laughing so hard that tears were plentiful. Other families sitting nearby became extended family as they overheard the kidnap plan, and came by to visit a bit. Family fun rocks!

I attended a ?theme? swinger party/Barbeque at a private estate two weeks ago, this one centered upon the Kentucky Derby. The women wore fancy hats (but not much else) while we guys kept them supplied with fresh mint julep drinks. We ate, drank and even watched the actual race; then, like a floodgate, everyone started having sex! The patio and large hot tub was alive with swinging ?action?, as was the massage table, the den chairs and couches, and the group room. After an hour or so, we gathered around the bar near the pool, only to have sex break out all over again. I love being a porn star, but I also enjoy the ?family? of swingers, a group of fun loving real people who enjoy sex and the friendship of swinging! Going to a swing party reminds me a bit of church fellowship and ice cream socials

Enjoy your upcoming summer, and your family and friends; use sun block, drive safely, and celebrate sex and life.
Dave Cummings



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  2. Robb Sulava says:

    My wife and I are a guge fan of your videos. We were swingers up until she past away a year a ago. She loved to get gang banged the more cock the better .
    Take care a huge fan.
    I would love to go onto a shoot.

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