The Xcitement Magazine Nikki Knightly Interview

Raven-haired Nikki Knightly will take you in with her piercing green eyes and keep your attention with her curvaceous, all natural body. Naughty America refers to her as the “porn star who was born to fuck”, and she definitely lives up to that. Nikki has worked with all the top studios, including Wicked Pictures, Evil Angel, Naughty America, New Sensations, Reality Kings, Twistys, Team Skeet, Porn Fidelity,, Filly Films, and Zero Tolerance.
Talented on many fronts, Nikki is also a stand-up comedian who has performed at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, and is notorious for her pole tricks and feature dancing. She’s also an artist who paints and creates her own line of jewelry and clothing. Nikki is a Jill of All Trades that you will fall in love with, if you’re not already in love with her. Get to know this stunning babe with our in-depth interview. You’re welcome!

You’re a Model, Comedian, Artist, and Dancer. That’s really impressive! Can you tell us a little bit more about all of these?

Model: I’ve been modeling for the last six years. It’s I always wanted to do, even as a kid. So when I grew up I manifested it. Basically, I looked into it and learned how to book all my own gigs and have been doing it since I was about 20.

Comedian: My girlfriend actually called me to tell me about a standup comedy class she was going to take. She knew that I had been wanting to try it, but both of us didn’t know where to start. The class give us your opportunity to learn how to write jokes, learn the different kinds of jokes, and gave us the chance to practice in front of a group of people who were learning how to do it. After performing our first show the last day of the class. the teacher recorded it and sent it off to a bunch of different comedy clubs, including the Comedy Store. I was immediately booked by the Comedy Store and a few other comedy spots.

Artist: I’ve been an artist all my life. I started drawing when I was a little girl. I was always the best artist in my class growing up, so I knew it was something that I wanted to pursue. I’ve learned how to create in many types of media, including computer graphics, video editing, clothing/fabric, jewelry, painting, and drawing. I have taken multiple classes in college for most of these subjects.

Dancer: I’ve been dancing since I was in my early 20s and when I was about 20, I started working at a strip club called Cheetahs in Hollywood. I started taking pole classes at the studio called Be Spun in Hollywood. That’s where I learned how to do most of the tricks that I know now and after dancing for many years I just got better at it. I also put a pole in my room, so I can practice whenever I want.

And the obvious…   Porn Star: I started doing porn shortly after I started modeling. It didn’t take long before you start getting asked to do more erotic stuff, because it paid more. It’s something I was already comfortable doing, so I figured why not give it a shot. I realized much like modeling, it was something that I was good at and enjoyed doing. Before I knew it, I was getting hit by porn agencies, who are asking if I ever considered doing porn. So, I decided to give a shot and the rest is history.

Did you ever house dance? Stripper?
I work at a strip club from time to time, but I also work bachelor parties and stuff like that.

We see you are feature dancer who specializes in pole tricks. Tell us about your shows and learning to pole dance.
Well I kind of cover this in one of the previous questions but I have taken many classes on pole dancing and I also have a pole in my room So I practice quite a bit.

Are you also a mainstream actress? What are some of your credits?
I’ve done some mainstream stuff, but not so much lately. I’ve been in a couple of music videos for Slipknot and on a show called Skin Wars, which is a body painting competition show. I was one of the models and my artist won the show was on the game show network two years prior.

If given a starring role in a mainstream film what character or type character would you like to play?
I’ve honestly never really thought about that, because I’ve never really try to pursue being a specific character in a mainstream film. I have no idea what kind of character I would want to be it really depends on the film and the story. I think it would depend on the. I don’t think I could just come up with a character out of thin air.

Back in the heyday of porn there were many releases that mixed comedy and porn, sometimes in the form of parody. Any ideas about subject matter for some new porn that mixed the two. Of course, you would be the star!

Nikki Knightly has a nice ring to it. How did you come up with your name? My original agents helped me come up with the name. We just wrote down a bunch of different names that we liked and went well together. That was the formula.

We hear you are a mix of Cuban, Italian and Norwegian. That’s an interesting combination. What did each nationality bring to the mix?
I honestly don’t know how to answer this. I guess maybe being Cuban helps me be a better dancer? And being Italian definitely has made me more honest and straight forward.

We read in an old interview your account of losing your virginity. We’ve heard a lot of stories, but never a great one like that! Could your retell it for our readers please.
Well it was freshman year of high school. I was new to the school and became friends with a couple of girls that knew this guy I had a big crush on. I told them I had never had sex before. They thought it was so cute, and said we should have a sleepover. So both the girls came to my house, and we snuck the guy that I had the crush into my place while my parents were asleep. We got a little drunk and one thing led to another—and the girls started making out and then guy and I started making out. They knew that I had never had sex before, and so they both held my hands while he was fucking me and they were making out with each other.

There’s much buzz about virtual reality in porn and we see you’ve done your fist VR with Wankz. Tell us about VR and also the scene you did.
Yes, Wankz was my first VR scene. I really enjoy doing virtual reality porn, because I think that it reaches the consumer on a more personal level. It was interesting to work with the camera angles, because I had to imagine that the camera was actually the consumers’ eyes. It definitely feels more personal.

You’re very active in the industry. What would you say are the best of your recent scenes?
I just did a six-guy gangbang for Gangbang Creampies. I really just give it all of my energy and passion. I love having sex and I really enjoy connecting with people and experimenting sexually. I think you can have a great scene, as long as you can find some kind of connection with the other performer.

Do you have an all-time favorite Nikki Knightly scene?
I have a couple for favorite scenes that are mine. I would definitely have to be the Brazzers scene and I can narrow it down to two scenes then. I got to fuck Charles Dera and Van Wylde In two separate scenes but in the same feature. I really enjoyed working with both of the performers. And, I also really liked that Brazzers was really invested in the storyline and came up with some creative shit.

A scene you would like to do?
I’d really like to try doing DP! The thought of it kind of scares/excites me. I love trying new things, and when I watch porn all by myself I tend to watch DP or gangbang stuff. The thought and idea of being fucked by multiple guys really turns me on! I guess you can say I’m really just a slut at heart.

How do you prepare for a day of shooting?
I get up early in the morning so that I can get all of my outfits and hair and makeup ready (depending on if they provide makeup or not). Then, I go over the itinerary to get a general idea of what I’m doing in the scene and who I’m working with. Usually, I take a look at it as soon as my agent sends it to me, but I like to refresh my memory the morning of. Then, I head to set. Once I’m there, I get acquainted with the director and male talent. I try to spark some chemistry with the male talent. I always get a thrill out of turning him on and getting hard and ready for the scene. Once we have an idea of what the director wants, we talk to each other about what we are and aren’t cool with sexually during the scene. That way, we can both have a great time and make a kick ass scene.

Are you sexually dominant or submissive?
I would actually consider myself a switch, which means I like a bit of both. I started off being more submissive, which is what I usually lean towards. But, after taking some dominatrix classes in downtown Los Angeles, I was able to find my inner dominance, which was and still really is fun for me to explore. It really depends on who and what gender it is I’m hooking up with. I like being dominated by men, but enjoy being more dominant with girls.

Favorite position? Why?
I really enjoy doggy style, especially with men, because I like the feeling of being dominated by them and that position is submissive for me. I also enjoy it during rough sex, because I really love getting my hair pulled. It’s an easy position to get my hair pulled in, as well as being choked a bit.

Some basics.

Astrology sign

Height, weight, & measurements
5’6”, 115lbs., 32-25-33

Color of eyes

First thing in the morning?
Wake up, smoke some weed, and have some tea.

What’s for breakfast?
Eggo waffles or toast sometimes with eggs or cereal.

Dress up or casual?
I love to be extra as fuck and dress my best the majority of the time.

Makeup or natural?
I can pull off both, so it depends on the situation.

How much time do you spend on social media?
Probably like 4 to 5 hours a day, realistically.

Favorite platforms?
Instagram and Tumblr

List all your social media.
Insta: @Youlovenikki
Twitter: @nikkiknightly

Best movie you saw recently?
New Avengers movie

Favorite TV show?
Peep Show

What kind(s) of music do you like?
I like so many types of music. I grew up with classic rock. I love funk and R&B, 90s alternative, 90s hip hop, blues, classical, jazz, old music like Frank Sinatra, reggae, soul, disco, and electronic.

Favorite food?
Mostly Asian food: Thai, Indian, Pho, and sushi

Favorite beverage?
Thai ice tea

Favorite alcohol beverage if you drink?
I don’t drink.

Favorite sex toy?

Something about Nikki Knightly we would never guess?
I do stand up.

You recently signed an exclusive with ATMLA. How will that impact your career?
Hopefully, I start getting booked more scenes. They already booked me a gangbang scene a few days after signing with them.

What’s on your calendar for the rest of the year?
I don’t really have the year planned out, but hopefully lots of shoots! And, comedy shows.

Speaking of calendars, we see you are on the Kittens 2020 calendar. Could you tell us about it and how fans can get a copy?
It’s my friends magazine. I was on the original cover and a year later they put me on the cover again for their anniversary issue! You can get a copy from their website at

A few words for fans?
I wouldn’t be where I am today without my fans. Thanks so much for all the support!

And finally, last thing before you turn out the lights.
Watch a little porn…

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