Karma RX The Xcitement Magazine Interview

Karma Rx is the prefect prescription to keep you warm on a winter’s night – Oh but this if Florida and she’s from Southern California where it is always warm! Well, we are thinking of our midwest readers and though it may be cold up there and warm here, Karma will heat it up as she is one of the hottest hard core performers in the adult world toady. Karma is 5’4”, busty, and has incredible ink that is beautifully displayed in the photos she supplied us.  Karma started her career in adult as a Cam Girl, eventually getting into porn and filming with the top studios. In addition to shooting porn, Karma is also a sought after feature entertainer being booked by Centerfold Strips Agency.  As we write this, we are preparing to go to the Adult Video News Show where Karma will be appearing at the Evil Angel booth and promoting her video “Bad Karma”.  If you buy just one video to start the year – this is not one! We can’t wait to meet her in person! Meanwhile, you can find her latest content at FanCentro and if you want to get a serious preview, check her Twitter.

Your professional name, Karma Rx is intriguing. What is the significance and how did you come up with it?

Haha, want the long answer or the short answer?Karma is a nickname I got in a psychiatric facility when I was a kid, because I used to say “I am the karma,” rather than waiting for “karma” to catch up with people. Now it is more about striving to treat everyone exactly as they deserve to be treated based solely on their current actions. Karma is also a play on letters combining all the relevant ones from my full given name. I have always been called Karma by everyone who knows me. Rx is a play on prescription, because, again, I believe our personal karma is not something we get to choose, it is prescribed and earned based on our actions. Rx is also a drug reference, as I had crippling addictions growing up. Also, if you add an “L” between the Kar and the MaRx, you get Karl Marx, as the theory pertains to anarchism, rather than communism. Short answer is: Karma was already taken on Instagram lol

The ink is awesome, with the back piece and the shoulder sleeves all tied together.  The artist who excited the tattoo is incredible.  Please tell us about it.

It was several different artists, and I wish there was more of a story behind it. It’s really just cool shit that I liked. A lot of it was just me telling Artist to draw some thing and then letting them put whatever they want on my skin  

And the tattoos on the back of your thighs?

Sic Fuc is a company. My ex-husband owned sic fuc and then I started a business called sic fuc models, which was basically like the super lame version of what is now Fan Centro 

On your twitter profile it reads, “Anarchist, Nihilist, Filthy Fuck Slut.”  Could you expand on that?

It’s catchy and I like attention! Just kidding, I’m an anarchist and a nihilist. Maybe not so much of a nihilist anymore. I think the filthy fuck slut part is pretty self-explanatory 🥴

On the web, I’ve read that you had a rough time as a teen. Do you care to discuss it? If not skip the question.

I had a pretty severe drug problem growing up. Was homeless for 4 1/2 years. I was involved in a lot of pretty awful stuff. I got clean in 2012, stayed clean for seven years and then relapsed last February for three days so now I have almost a year clean again  

What was the first job that you had?

 My first real job was at the Harley shop in Greeley, Colorado. But before that I did a lot of manual labor and cleaning jobs. I would go to what used to be labor ready and do minimum wage labor jobs when they would take me  

What motivated you to become a cam girl?

 I started doing premium Snapchat about 5 years ago just for fun. It ended up being pretty successful. As well I could barely make ends meet at the time so the money was not unwelcome  

How did you land your first porn job?

 I actually got into porn on a contract for my first boy girl scene because I had been doing girl girl and solo stuff on Snapchat for a while and was pretty popular.

Do you remember your first scene? What was it?

My first scene was for Reality Kings. Technically my first actual scene was with Ramon Nomar, they released a different one first with Sean lawless that they called my first boy girl. But yes I remember my first scene. I came about 15 times and then never looked back. Hah 

How did it feel to be XBiz Newcomer of the Year 2019?

I thought it was pretty awesome to be best new starlet, it is nice to have your hard work acknowledged. I did take quite a lot of dicks that year!

What nominations do you have from XBiz and AVN this year?

 i’m nominated for a performer of the year with both Xbiz and AVN. Plus some other stuff. 

We will see on the top of the page you promote “Bad Karma” from Evil Angel.  This appears to ba an outrageous film that every sex freak must buy. Let’s hear about it.

Bad karma was my showcase. It has my first DP, my first double anal, and my first trans scene. It’s probably my greatest pride of life LOL. And yes, everyone should watch it. 

I see a wild clip from “My First Orgy”. Could you tell us about the orgy?

That orgy was awesome. I have never been in one before, and didn’t know what it would be like. Really it was just a whole bunch of body parts and everybody felt good and everything felt good  

Seeing lots of oral sex on your twitter. As it appears t o be one of your specialties, describe the art of giving an outstanding blow job.

Ha ha, I do love oral sex. On women and on men. I think that because everybody is different, really the most important thing is to try a lot of different stuff and watch their reaction and see what they like. More so with women than with men I would say. But guys are different too. To be good at sex means to read your partner not just do the things that you think people like

“Sorority Hookup” looks like it was a lot of fun, What was it like working with six women?

 Six? I thought they were more than that? To be fair I don’t really know or remember. It was an amazing day and mostly I remember that every single girls pussy smelled good which is rare sometimes on a porn set with that many girls

Going the other way I see “31 Loads Bukake” Wow 31!

 Ha ha, that was before I had ever done a boy girl scene. It was a custom request from a fan. So it was technically 31 fake cum shots with that bad dragon cum lube

How much time do you spend each day on social media? What are your thoughts?

I probably spend a couple hours a day on social media. Depends on the day and my mood. Sometimes I use your social media to rant, sometimes I use it to show my tits. I think it’s a double edged sword. It’s helpful for marketing but social media can be pretty toxic as well

What were some of your best selling clips? And I see you sell your lingerie also.

 I think my best selling clip ever was with James Deen. Fucked and fucked up by James Deen I think it’s called. And yes, I do sell my lingerie, and my socks, and my use sex toys, and everything else that anyone will buy LOL

Danny from Centerfold Features arranged this interview, so lets talk about feature dancing and showcasing. How does it feel dancing and getting naked on stage in front of a live audience?

I get a thrill out of dancing and getting naked on stage in front of people. I can’t really dance, but people seem to enjoy watching me try LOL! Plus it’s a really cool way to see fans and I try my best to make every person there feel special and important. Anyone can get on stage and try to dance, but not everyone can make eye contact and involve the crowd

What can one expect at one of your shows?

i still don’t  know what to expect of myself when I dance! I’m all over the place. A lot of the times I decide my music when I get there depending on what mood I’m in. You can certainly expect to show

What’s on your feature dance calendar for February and March?

 In February I’m dancing at Little Darlings in Kalamazoo.  Then in March I’m dancing at Cheerleaders in Pittsburgh and then I believe in Tucson?

Are you a day or night person?

 I’m a whatever person. I’m a life person. Porn is a day job and dancing is a night job so sleep gets fucked up when I’m doing too much of both.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

 Drink Red Bull!

What’s for breakfast?

 I don’t usually eat breakfast. I’m usually starved until about four or five and then eat myself sick LOL

What’s the last thing you do before going to sleep?

 Advil PM. Haha

Are you a blonde or brunette this week? I can’t tell from your twitter.

 I’m brunette I’ve been brunette since July

What would you like for Valentines Day?

 Ummmmmm I don’t really know, I don’t usually really do Valentine’s Day.

What’s on your bucket list of things to accomplish, places to go, etc. for the coming year?

 Well, I’m going to Iceland in March and then back to Bora-Bora in August. This year I want to start a nonprofit organization and get my real estate license. And of course dance everywhere and do lots of porn

Tell our readers something that they would never guess about you.

 Hmm. I listen mostly to classical music. Vivaldi, specifically 

Say a few words to your fans.

 I fucking love you all!!!!!

And finally, list all you social media platforms.

 Instagram @karma.rx

Twitter @karma_rx

Anything else you can find on one of those!.