Fetish Vixen – Read the Kendra James Interview – It’s outstanding!

Kendra is your friendly, red-headed fetish vixen next door, as well as a cosplayer, superheroine, and creator of fetish and X-rated kink. She’s also worked for all the top adult girl/girl and fetish studios, and been photographed by infamous photographers like Dean Capture, Holly Randall, Jim Weathers, Sean McCall, and Bob Coulter. Before she was in adult, she toured with a freakshow, mastered swallowing swords, dancing on broken glass, performed bullwhip tricks, and toured with some of the biggest bands of all time. Kendra has also been a pro domme, production assistant at Kink.com, and now runs her own empire. She’s had quite a life, and we were lucky to sit down with her for an exclusive, in-depth interview. So buckle up and be ready to be captivated.

You’ve certainly lived an interesting and exciting life. We’ve got a lot to cover.

Your website is outstanding so let’s start there. Tell us about it and especially the updates blog which we couldn’t stop reading.
I’m glad you like it! I feel like I shoot a wide range of content, including latex glamour, lesbian, bondage, femdom, fetish, cosplay, fembots, and more. I wanted a one stop shop where fans of all different things could find what they wanted. My videos tend to be very story driven, so I always write long descriptions to go along with them, especially the superheroine and cosplay videos.

When and how old were you when you discovered cosplay?
I feel like I’ve been dressing up my whole life! My friends and I played dress up so much when I was a kid, so maybe it’s always been there. We were princesses, fairy queens, and superheroes and had a big closet of costumes! I didn’t realize I could capitalize on it until my late 20s though. Before that, I was all about fetish fashion, latex, and corsets for my own content.

Who was you very first super hero?
Personally or for video? I’ve played a number of superheroines over the years for other companies, but when I decided to start making cosplay and superhero videos myself, I chose Batwoman. A friend actually suggested her, since no one else had done it yet, and I have the red hair. She was appealing to me, since she was the first openly lesbian character created, is a bit damaged, likes to drink, and is tough with an attitude.

Which attracted you more, heroines or villains?
As much as I love Batwoman (I guess she’s more of a vigilante and does what she wants), I really enjoy playing villains. I love seducing heroines and bringing them over to the dark side.

Let’s go through the characters…

So, Batgirl and Batwoman are different, but a lot of people mix them up. Batgirl is Jim Gordon’s daughter and a bit naive and innocent. Batwoman is an army brat that lost her family, is openly a lesbian dating a detective, and although a hero, she has a fewer scruples than her counterpart Batman.

Poison Ivy
Everyone’s favorite ginger villain! She’s so seductive and a bit predatory. I’ve always like playing her.

Circe and now we are into a goddess of Greek mythology.
This character came from a custom video. I was asked to do her by a custom client, and have since brought the character back several times. She’s been around since the times of the Greek Gods, but doesn’t age (of course!), has the power to mesmerize and mind control, and seems to enjoy brainwashing the heroines who are silly enough to come searching for her.

We also see you’ve been involved with vampires…
Who doesn’t like a sexy vampire story?

And witches…
This generally falls under the custom video category. They’re fun for me to play, but usually only happen when someone orders it.

“Perverts from Outer Space”
OK, so I have dreams of making a serious (well, sort of) hentai/tentacle sex movie. I would LOVE to be able to build a crazy space ship set, lots of slimy tentacles that could also be insertable, and have a cast of a few people all getting gang banged by aliens. “Perverts From Outer Space” was my goofy attempt to make a tentacle sex video. My partner and Anastasia Pierce spent the day building an alien/tentacle prop (I was off shooting with someone else). They modified a workout ball, used pool noodles, bubble wrap, spray paint, and duct tape to make this creature. My vision was to do something really sexy and serious, but it turned out very campy (soon to be released in technicolor!). I guess Ed Wood was smiling down on us. One day, I’ll crowdfund the project and do something a bit more serious.

Going back to an earlier part of your life, could you tell us about your time in Reverend B. Dangerous Freak Show and the stunts you performed.
Rev B Dangerous was performing at my ex boyfriend’s birthday party, and I took him home after the show. He was meant to be a one night stand, but we’ve been together for 20 years. He had been doing his freakshow for a few years already, performing in New York, LA and touring Europe, when we started dating and I got incorporated into the show. I learned how to swallow swords, dance on broken glass, hit targets with a bullwhip, and dance with an angle grinder in my crotch (*cough* I was one of the first performers in the US to do a grinder show in 1999). I’d sit in front of the TV with a chopstick trying to swallow it and kill my gag reflex. The bullwhips were custom made by someone in San Francisco and I’d practice hitting things stuck inside a piece of garden hose nailed to a tree stump in my backyard. I learned very quickly that I needed to wear my motorcycle helmet and leathers while doing this!

You hit the road with some of our favorite metal bands – Ozzy, Pantera, Slipnot and Black Label Society. Could you share some experiences?
Shortly after meeting the Rev, he got the call to go out with Ozzfest. Honestly, I had no idea who Ozzy and Black Sabbath were, but I was excited to go on the road. BTW, my friends made fun of me for years for not knowing! We joined Ozzfest ’99 halfway through and had to provide our own transportation and lodging. They basically gave us a place to perform and nothing else. We had a 1975 Winnebago packed with our friends and drove through the West Coast to make it to all the shows. In retrospect, it was a year packed with now iconic bands, including Slayer, Rob Zombie, System of a Down, Primus, Static X, Fear Factory, Deftones, and I believe Slipknot’s first big tour. At the time, I was excited, but now I really understand how lucky I am to have experienced this.
I remember being in our little area next to the second stage, when Slipknot came on in San Francisco. Their energy was crazy and the crowd was losing their minds! The Rev turned to me and said, “we’re starting right when they finish. Get ready to get crazy!”. It’s funny to think about now, since we met them at the afterparty in Los Angeles a few days later and ended up hanging out with them (Joey and Paul)—they didn’t know anyone and neither did we. It was a friendship we maintained for a long time, particularly with Paul and Craig. We did a couple more tours with them, hung out in the studio while they recorded “Iowa”, and always tried to catch up with them when we were in the same town. I remember sitting at the Rainbow Room on Sunset and Paul getting super excited that they decided on a name for the second album. He swore me to secrecy before revealing it would be “Iowa”. These were good times that make me a little sad and nostalgic to think about now.

Penelope Spheeris was also out that year filming what was meant to be the fourth Decline Of Western Civilization movie We Sold Our Souls For Rock n’ Roll. It sadly never released, but filmed a bunch of our acts. I think she really rallied for us to be involved and Sharon (Osborne) picked us up the following three years to officially be on the tour. I have to say, Ozzfest 2000 was the absolute most fun tour I’ve ever done! It was the year we met Pantera and hung out with them almost every night. There was a sense of family among the bands and crew—many nights after the show, we’d gather in the parking lot barbequing and drinking. Pantera had their own BBQs that got packed into a trailer and brought to every venue. The first night I met the Pantera guys was in West Palm Beach, during the first show of the tour. Paul from Slipknot brought us into Phillip’s dressing room, which had a shattered mirror on the wall and the carpet was completely soaked. The door to the bathroom was open and water was bubbling from a hole that had been kicked in the base of the toilet. The head of the venue was in there staring at it in disbelief while Phil leaned against the doorway, arms crossed, lower lip pushed out, drinking a beer. He shrugged and said, “It’s been doing that all day. I think it’s broken.” The head of the venue looked like he was about to scream. Keep in mind I was 20 years old and although I felt like I was an experienced partier, I’d never seen shit like this before. I think I called it a night and went to my bunk. That was just the beginning! Philip was also the one who convinced me and the Rev to move to New Orleans and got us involved with the House of Shock. But, that’s another story…

Stitches was your name then. How did that come about?
The first show of Ozzfest 2000 I was doing a fire show on broken glass. When I went down on my knees, I slid and cut the crap out of my knee. Paramedics said I should get stitches, but instead I just cleaned it and super glued it closed. Stitches is what came out of that.

When and how did you become involved with porn?
I entered adult at 19. My very first shoot was a boy/girl scene that I got by answering an ad in the back of the local paper (yes, paper), because I was broke and needed money for school. The shoot was at a beach house in Santa Cruz. Although everyone was super nice and I have some funny stories from it, I realized b/g was not for me. Fast forward a couple months, a friend of mine was trying to make some quick cash to move and was auditioning at strip clubs. I’d go along for moral support and to cheer her on during auditions. One day, she asked if I’d go with her to interview at a dungeon in San Francisco. She decided it wasn’t her cup of tea, but I was intrigued. Tie men up for money? Please tell me more! Before I knew it, I was working as a pro domme in a commercial dungeon. After that, I met local photographers and producers through other girls and started fetish modeling. This was in the early days of Kink (around 2002) and I began shooting for them. They also hired me as a PA, which in those days basically meant set up, clean up, editing, taking photos, and booking models. In between tours, I always went back to pro domming and shooting.
Your web site is part of VNA (Vette Nation Army). How did you hook up with Vicky Vette and what it means to be part of VNA.
I’ve had my own site since 2007, and built it from the ground up. The Rev and I learned Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and how to code, and did it ourselves. Sadly, we didn’t evolve, and in 2018, my site was still updated manually. Without having the time to invest in learning new programs and moving to a CMS platform, I looked into joining a network site. After research and talking to various people, VNA seemed like the best option. I reached out and Vicky, and we had several long conversations, before meeting in person to shoot together and discuss things further. In the summer of 2018, my site officially launched on their network. They’re awesome, honest, and very fair, which I think is lacking sometimes in this industry. I’ve hear of so many performers getting screwed over by other networks and not seeing a dime, but VNA is upfront about everything.

We’ve had several of the VNA models on our cover. Rubber Doll is one of our favorites. She has been on our cover three times. Tell us about the scene you did with her.
Rubber Doll is so sweet, sexy AF, and actually lives around the corner from me! I think we shot together for the first time in 2007, shortly after I moved to FL. We’ve done several shoots since. The last shoot was a couple years ago at my friends place in Miami. He’s a neon worker and has a crazy warehouse space that resembles Pee Wee’s Playhouse. We shot in front of his titty twister sign, which looks fantastic.

Tell us about your interest in latex/rubber.
It’s just sexy. I love the way it looks, how it hugs every curve and could almost be painted on like a second skin. I think part of my obsession with it comes from being a superhero and comic fan. The female characters are always in skin tight clothing that look like it could pop at any moment, tits barely covered and threatening to explode.

Now about bondage.
When I was younger, I loved getting tied up. Working with Kink and other bondage/fetish companies, it was always fun to be restrained and push my body to see how far I could go. I shot with House Of Gord a couple times, and that was intense! He made you into furniture, an object, and made it literally impossible to move. There’s something so sexy about being tied up and objectified, and getting fucked or spanked or flogged in such a helpless position. These days my body isn’t as flexible and my head is not in the same space, so the bondage is pretty limited. I do however, still love tying others up (obviously!) and do it regularly for my own productions and live domination sessions.

Professional dominatrix training.
By the time I got to the dungeon in San Francisco at 19, I’d already played a bit in my personal life, so I had a vague idea of what to do, but not much of a skill set. A much more experienced Mistresses taught me a lot and also suggested certain books to read. Everyone had a different set of skills that overlapped, and I learned about bondage, corporal punishment, ball busting, play piercing, got basic anatomy lessons (so I didn’t accidentally kill someone), mental manipulation, and much more. The variety of skill sets and styles is amazing, and I feel so fortunate to have spent time with all of those wonderful women! The single tail and bullwhip skills are from the freak show!

I saw on your twitter that you are in Ft. Lauderdale at the moment. If I may ask what brings you our town? (we are based here)
I actually live here! I moved from Oakland, CA in late 2006. Work still takes me all over the place. I definitely spend a decent amount of time in CA, but FL is my home base.

Are you going to be here for Florida Supercon July 4-7?
Maybe. I might be in Los Angeles that week, but I’m still undecided. If I’m home, I’ll likely go for a day or two.

A little bit of background information – Where were you were born, grow up and live now?
I was born and raised in Berkeley, CA, but I’ve lived in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Astrology sign?
Capricorn on the Aquarius cusp, I call myself a grounded airhead.


About that red hair and being a red head (ginger)?
I want to lie and say it’s totally natural, but it’s not. I was strawberry blonde growing up, but red has been my color of choice for many years now, and it seems to fit. I’m feisty and opinionated with a quick temper.

How do you start your day – first thing when you wake up?
I roll over, grab my phone and check email. Work never ends, and it’s the first thing I think about in the morning. Then, I snuggle my cats for a few minutes, get up and make some tea, and sit in my backyard for a while watching the ducks. Very exciting stuff, right?

What’s for breakfast?
I’m a creature of habit so it’s usually bacon and eggs with spinach or avocado toast with hummus.

How much time do you spend on social media?
Too much! I waste so much time on Twitter and Instagram! My IG was deleted recently, and I’ve spent the last three weeks since it got deleted obsessed with recovering it, so I’m on all the time trying to contact the right person at Instagram to reinstate it.

What do you do for relaxation?
The usual – hang out with friends, happy hour, brunch with the girls, go to the beach, or go snorkeling. I’ve been trying to do two vacations per year overseas.

Are you a day person or night person?
I’m a night person. I’ve tried to retrain my brain to wake up early, but no matter what I’m tired during the day and wide awake at night.

Do you have a bucket list? What is on it?
I suppose travel and various destinations are on my bucket list. The world is a big place and there are so many things to see! I’d really like to visit Iceland, Alaska, Istanbul, Morocco, Egypt, Thailand, Japan, Bali, The Maldives, and many more! In September, I’m visiting Croatia and will probably go back to Italy and try to get to the Amalfi Coast.

What’s in the pipeline? What’s coming up in the near future?
Filming, always filming! I have several of my own projects scheduled this summer for my site and stores. I also have a whole bunch of movies releasing with various AdultTime and Girlsway directors, including Bree Mills and Joanna Angel. I’ll also be attending Comic Con San Diego in July (for fun and in hopes the Game of Thrones cast will be there) and then there’s Fetish Con in St Pete, FL in August.

If a person could only watch one video you are in, what would it be?
Geez, I don’t know! I feel like I’ve produced a lot of great movies myself and been a part of a lot of great movies for other companies, too! You can’t go wrong with my Batwoman movie released in collaboration with Anastasia Pierce Productions and Pulse Distribution! “Missing: A Lesbian Crime Story” from Girlsway is also pretty epic, too.

Something about you we couldn’t guess.
Hmm… I can wiggle my ears. I also love to lay out on the beach in the sun. No one ever believes I go in the sun, since I’m so pale, but I slather the sunscreen on and spend the day on the beach.

Something important about you that we neglected to ask.
Official site: kendrajames.com
Cam shows: vnalive.com
Twitter @kendrajames13
Instagram @Kkendsrajamesofficial
Snapchat: Kendra James
SextPanther: sextpanther.com/kendra-james
Chatstar: chatstar.com/Kendra_James
ManyVids: manyvids.com/Profile/315125/kendrajames/Store/Videos
Clips4Sale: KendraClips.com, SexyFetishVideos.com, & FetishGoddessKendra.com
Customs: KendraCustoms.com
For clips, customs, tributes and more: IwantPov.com

Some words for your fans.
Thanks for watching for so many years! I hope you continue to stay interested and supportive for many more years to come!

Last thing at night when you turn out the lights?
Spoon my cats.Erika Icon

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