Missy Martinez Xcitement Magazine Interview

Missy Martinez is one of the funniest women in porn. She is a talented feature entertainer who is busy touring the country making men swoon. In our interview we talk about her successful porn career, her lively feature dancing routines and about Los Angeles and her daily routine. It’s a great read. Be prepared to laugh!

We see you are featuring this weekend at the Detroit Hustler Club, so let’s start our interview there. How long have you been feature dancing?
Three glorious years

How often do you perform?
It can vary based on the month, but a minimum of once every few weeks seems to be the average. My knees need rest.

Tell us about your shows, your costumes, the music you dance to and in general what the customers can expect.
I love pageantry and showmanship, so I always try and debut a new costume each time I feature. My costumes range from the classic schoolgirl to an elaborate furry unicorn costume and everything in between. My music is usually a mix of upbeat hip hop and dubstep. When I’m on stage, I’m 100% crowd interaction. Pulling people up for on stage lapdances and LOTS of boobs in the face!

Do you let the house girls join in your shows if they choose too?
Absolutely! I always love when the house dancers get into it and want to get naughty with me. It’s the best of both worlds!

What makes dancing in front of a live audience special?
No matter how bad of a day someone is having, the second you shake your ass in his/her face, the BIGGEST smile appears. It’s priceless

How do you unwind after you leave the club?
A looooooonnnnnnnngggg bath

Who’s your feature dancing agent?
I’m with Centerfold Strips and couldn’t be happier!

Going back to the beginning now. We see you area genuine Southern California girl. That’s not common in the LA adult industry so that makes you special.
I’m basically Bigfoot with implants

You were home educated rather than high school? How did that come about?
I had health issues as a child so I was absent more and more. It was the most logical choice for my situation. As a kid, it was cool being able to take a spelling test in a Hello Kitty bathrobe.

People would assume that since your name is Martinez that you are a full blooded Latina, but you’re not.
What’s the mix? What did you inherit from each parent? I’m Mexican, Greek and Native America (dad) and German (mom)

You are a college grad? What did you study? Why didn’t you pursue a field in that career instead of adult?
My degree is in Administration Of Justice with a minor in Biology and I’m also completing my Real Estate License. When I’m all done being naked (hopefully not for quite a while) I’ll put clothes on and put my knowledge to use

How old were you when you lost your virginity? Do you remember the details of that night?
I lost it in my late teens, it was god awful and I’m surprised I ever had sex again

What was your first introduction to porn?
A boyfriend popped in a VHS (yes, a VHS tape) and I don’t remember who was in it but I remember it was an all girl scene

How did you break into film?
I went to a convention as a fan ages ago and people kept coming up to me asking for pictures. They assumed I was a performer since I had big boobs and was wearing a dress. It got my wheels turning, I looked into it and 8 years later I’m still here!

Your first scene was for Digital Playground – that’s starting right at the top! Do you recall your first time on camera? What did you do and with who?
It was for Kay Brandt’s “Cherry” series. It was such a fun and surreal experience. I was in a group lesbian scene with Zoey Holloway , Diamond Fox and Brooklyn Lee. It actually ended up winning an AVN award!

At first you just did girl/girl. How long did that last? What were some of your favorites girl/girl scenes?
I did GG exclusively for the first 3 years. It was a way to ease myself into the industry instead of jumping head first. One of my absolute favorite GG scenes is my “Hot and Mean” with Phoenix Marie for Brazzers. It was also my first lesbian anal scene!

Eventually you moved on to boy/girl. Why?
I was ready physically and mentally for it. It was the next step in my careers trajectory. I was SO nervous my first BG scene and then I remembered I’m not a virgin and the rest came naturally

So do you prefer sex with men or women?
Don’t make me choose! Let’s split the difference and settle for a 3some!

Are the orgasms really different depending on whether its girl/girl or boy/girl?
I haven’t noticed a difference, now I’m going to start paying attention to it more!

They say women eat pussy better than men. Do you agree and why?
The plus side of women eating pussy is (hopefully) no facial hair stubble! Nothing can ruin getting eaten out quicker than sandpaper on your vadge

Tell us about your boobs, please.
I call them my “personality”

Do you like men to cum on your boobs?
That’s what they are there for! Pretty please!

You’ve won many awards, what was the most meaningful?
My AVN my first year in still means the world to me.

What was the best scene you ever did. Tell us why with the details.
My 1 and only DP ! It was for my Adult Empire Showcase movie “Missy Martinez Fucked Ra” It was so intense, passionate and outrageously fun. If you watch one scene of mine, I recommend that one.

We see you are working with Brett Rossi now. She was on our cover just recently.
Tell us about the project. She just directed Abella Danger and I in a lesbian BDSM scene for Deviant Entertainment titled “School Girl Massacre” Rough, passionate sex, dungeon background and toe curling orgasms!

“My Girlfriends Hot Mom” is about to be released. Could you tell us about that.
I had a blast shooting that scene! In an effort to “keep quiet” I stuffed a variety of odd objects in my mouth during the scene. It’s definitely a must watch!

Several adult stars have given up films for internet only scenes. What are your thoughts on that? Is that the future of the industry?                           It definitely seems that the industry is being steered to “internet only” more and more. That’s why it’s important now more than ever to PAY FOR YOUR PORN to ensure quality content with your favorite performers

How about sex toys? What’s a “Missy Martinez Pocket Pussy” and where can we buy one?
It’s an exact replica of my vagina from Doc Johnson! To be honest, it’s better than the real thing! You can grab it at DocJohnson.com

What’s you favorite device for masturbation?
My hitachi!

Social media – love it or hate it? How much of your day does it take up. Your twitter is incredibly active. It says you have 87,000 tweets!
I have a love/hate relationship with twitter. It’s a great tool for fan interaction and promotion. Usually I just use it to post pics of my anus or make fun of celebrities

What’s on your website.
My website is all solo and GG! I’m moving all my content over to Many Vids and have been uploading scenes weekly (while filming new content)

Let’s talk about Los Angeles. A friend comes out to visit for the first time where would you go for the day? Then for a night out?
Definitely the Santa Monica Pier. It’s an iconic California attraction. Sun, bikinis, crazy street performers and the occasional seal! Perfect for day or night

Best beaches in the LA Area?
Venice is always fun (and occasionally disturbing)

Best clubs, nightclubs?
The Comedy Store on Sunset!

Best tacos in LA?
In my kitchen!

Best pizza in LA?
I never met a pizza I didn’t like

LA sports teams? Lakers or Clippers? Dodgers or Angels? UCLA or Southern Cal?
Lakers and USC Trojans! Fight on!

Do you drive? We’ve driven the LA freeways. Believe it or not Miami is worse, more dangerous anyway!
The FOULEST things come out of my mouth when I drive, I could make a sailor blush. I love driving, preferably NOT in traffic

And some short questions about you. Day person or night?

First thing when you wake up?

What’s for breakfast?

Exercise routine?
Cardio, weights, abs, stretch

Closet full of clothes and shoes?
And dildos

Favorite TV shows?
Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Rick and Morty and Frasier

Best movie you saw recently?
Logan. Love their interpretation of the Old Man Logan comic book

Music you are listening to?
2Chainz new album “Pretty girls like trap music”

Favorite mainstream actor or actress?
Jake Gyllenhaal can stuff his balls in my ass any day

If you could star in a mainstream movie what would be your role or character?
I’d love to play an “Aeon Flux” type character.

Favorite color?
Neon yellow

Your astrological sign?

Dog, cat and a chinchilla

Surprise us with something!
I was a finalist on Jeopardy Kids

What’s on your calendar for the remainder of the year?
Lots of dance dates and upcoming shoots!

Anything you wish to ad?
Thank you so much! I love you guys