The Rubber Doll Interview

When we think about Exxxotica we automatically think about Rubber Doll. Exxxotica is where we met, years back at one of the first that was held in Miami Beach. Each year Rubber Doll has been a participant at Exxxotica and to many, her stage shows are the high point of the night. After several years absence Exxxotica returns to Miami and so does Rubber Doll. Once again we welcome Rubber Doll back to our cover, and if you haven’t heard yet, she will be showcasing her brand new feature show this month right here at the Cheetah Pompano. Read on!
Let’s start where we left off last time – at Exxxotica. For your previous cover story we did an interview at Exxxotica in Chicago and now Exxxotica is returning to Miami. We understand that they signed you up again for another go round.

Oh my goodness yes! I’m very excited about that because I will be doing the whole Exxxotica tour and I will be performing my new show, Goddess, and I will have my island booth again. I’m feeling great that all my fans can come out and see all the merchandise I have to offer, t-shirts, DVDs, Rubber Doll caps, and I’ll have all the latest stuff there that fans can purchase. Of course I will have my fetish equipment too. Plus they will get to see the new show.

Tell us about the new show.
The new show is the Goddess with the six arms. The Miami show will be July 19-21 and that will be amazing. I’ll have this magazine available for all my fans and I can sign for them.

But first you will be at the Cheetah.
I’m going to be at Cheetah, it’s a Wednesday, April 11. I love it when fans get to come out to a club that I really like. The last time at the Hallandale Cheetah it was phenomenal. There was an amazing turnout. My fans were happy and when they are happy I am happy. It was an amazing turnout that I wasn’t expecting because it was a Wednesday. It was crazy! Now they want to do the Pompano club, hopefully it will be a great turnout out. It will be a VIP party. I’ll be adding that flyer to my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram ao they can see all the information. I know they will have the free buffet, and a I think open bar with free drinks at one point. It’s a really fun party and of course, I get to perform and I’ll be doing my Goddess show.

Do you have a full schedule for this year?
Yes! My schedule is pretty full, though I do have a few openings here and there. I am currently taking two weeks off. I just did back to back bookings so it’s time to catch up. I still have my website,, where I post a flyer that shows my whole schedule and fans can see where I will be at next. I’m still shooting all my videos and exclusive pictures with the VNA Network who I am with along with all the main porn girls, Sophie Dee, Nikki Benz to name just two. Right now I’m really enjoying everything. So far this year everything is turning out all right. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Now I’m really enjoying my time off.

We need to discuss how it all began.
When I was a teenager first I was into Gothic music and dressing Gothic. I went to either the first or second Fetish Factory Alter Ego party that they held. I remember getting the flyer and it said I could come wearing Gothic clothing. I was going into clubs when I was very young, I would sneak in or somehow get in. Then there were 18 and over alternative clubs. Getting back to the Fetish Factory. I went to the party all dressed up in Gothic clothing. I saw this performance that blew me away. I saw all the people in the audience dressed in fetish clothing and here I am dressed all in Gothic (laughs). I still looked really good. That night I was completely blown away. The next week I got all my dresses, I had quite a collection. I would even win prizes at these Gothic clubs for the way I was dressed. I decided that day that I was going to completely change. I decided this was the next step for me.

And what came next?
There was a girl who lived in Lake Worth that was very interested in my collection of dresses, so I drove up and asked what she would offer. She paid me that day. I turned around and started buying latex outfits. Latex was very expensive. Just a little skirt would cost $150. I was still a teenager. Teenagers don’t have a lot of money. I had a job but it was not the kind of job where I could just buy latex outfits.
Quickly after that I met my current boyfriend and he said, “Let’s make a website.” We can make it a pay site and you can buy latex outfits with the money that you get. It turned out to be way more of a success than I anticipated.

It certainly did!
Yes this is back in 2000 when pay sites actually made a lot of money before the internet got saturated. I was one of the very few that actually had a fetish pay web site. There was just two of us and mine was hardcore. I worked very hard around the clock. It became very popular. Some latex designers saw me and wanted me to model their outfits. I started modeling for them. Next I started designing my outfits and they would make them for me. Now mostly all my outfits I designed myself. I still model latex so the designers can sell the outfits. I was in catalogs.

Let’s continue. The next step please.
I started webcaming, That was the next step. Both caming, pay by the minute, and for my website. Fetish clubs started contacting me to perform and to do appearances. I had to put an act together for these performances. That was kind of scary as I had never done that before. My first one was a nun act with a confessional. That was at Fetishcon Tampa. After that Fetish Factory wanted me to perform for them and that was how it all began. One thing led to another and for five years I did a European tour. I got to headline fetish events. One weekend I would be in Italy and the next Switzerland. At one point I was the opening act for Dita Von Tease in London. That was phenomenal.

When did you start performing in Strip Clubs?
David Michaels from A-List saw me at Exxxotica and at a swingers event. He really liked the way I performed and waned to book me but I had no idea who he was. I had no idea that feature dancing was even a thing. I had never heard of that before. Everything I had always done was underground club scene. Dave would come up to me all the time and tell me that I really needed to start feature dancing and these shows would go over very well. With my fan base it would be phenomenal. I kept rejecting him because I had no idea who this guy was, but one thing led to another and I decided to do it. I did Pink Pony in Atlanta and it was pretty good. I knew a promoter in Atlanta because I had done fetish parties for him. He showed up with all his fetish people and I killed it! It turned out to be a really good first time event. It was an amazing night and weekend because all these people showed up.

Let’s talk about you shows.
Whenever you come to my performances, I do the show, I do the meet and greet, I take pictures with all my fans, I sell my DVDs, t-shirts and hats. It’s very nice to speak to all these people that I’ve spoken to on line, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It’s a great thing when a lot of people drive hours just to see you, especially when it’s in one of your favorite clubs. When you have a great turnout and the vibe is there, it’s really wonderful. That’s where it all started in the clubs, with the music, and having a couple of drinks with my fans, it’s the best. I’m living the life that I dreamed of as a teenager.

It’s been an amazing ride.
It sure has been and it’s amazing and going strong. My performances have evolved. I have a couple of shows that are classics along with the props that the fans demand to see. I do try out new things to see the reaction and when they love it, it’s fantastic, especially when they come up to me and tell me how they loved my new outfit and show. It’s great conversation and makes me happy that I’m doing a good job entertaining and that you are giving them their money’s worth and they are happy to see you. All these people are there at the club, having a good time and I’m making it happen. That’s a big part of it, making memories, that’s what it is all about.

Let’s go over Social Media
My main social media is Instagram which is just Rubber Doll. Twitter is my second favorite, Rubber Doll, and then I have my Facebook and that’s Fan Page Rubber Doll, (I’ve been deleted eight times on Facebook, people are always reporting me) There’s a new one called Vero also Rubber Doll, My website, and finally Tumblr where I am Miss Rubber Doll.

How much time does your social media take up?
A lot of. A lot of time. I still get e-mails that I try and reply. Then I have to figure out what I will be posting. I have to be very careful what I post because its so easy to get deleted. I do a lot of selfies. It’s time consuming, definitely but I do believe it is the best platform to have because that’s how people are going to find out where you are. Those are the people who are going to come and see and support you.

Are you nocturnal or a day person?
It’s funny because when I am not performing during the week I usually wake up around ten or ten thirty. I usually go to sleep fairly early. Early for me would be one or two. That’s early for me because when I am touring I’ll be going to sleep at five in the morning because I’ll be at the club late. During the week I’ll be going to the gym and stuff like that. I spend a lot of time at the gym. I have a personal trainer.

What’s the first thing you do when you get up?
I brush me teeth, drink coffee. I watch a little bit of the news to see what’s going on, then pretty much I jump into lunch. When you are touring often you go from the club to the airport, usually two flights to get back home and by the time you get back home you’ve been up 36 hours. That’s really crazy. When I get home that Sunday I go to sleep and won’t wake up until the next day until ten because I lose a whole night’s sleep.

What are your favorite foods?
Foods I can’t eat! I try and eat healthy but it’s really hard when you are on the road. I love Italian, I love Cuban food, they are my favorites. I also like Chinese, Mexican. I love it all. I am a foodie, that’s for sure, but I usually end up eating a salad, sometime with grilled chicken. On my cheat days I love good Cuban food, I love good Italian food. Oh so so good. I love to taste new things. It’s a difficult thing because when what you do for a living is being naked, you have to stay in shape and it’s a whole different life stye. It’s a hard life style but you are doing what you love. I’m constantly on diet. I gain a couple of pounds and then I loose them. It’s a struggle because I am eating on a plane or at an airport, it’s tricky. The airport is my second home. You spend a lot of time at the airport. A lot of time at the hotel.

You travel with a lot of stuff for your shows.
Yes, I travel with 150 pounds of props, equipment, merchandise and costumes. It’s two very big suitcases and my carry on. It’s like bricks. I pack everything very tight. Since I travel so much my status enables me to carry more on the airline. Before you get the status you have to pay for all that luggage, so it was tricky at the beginning.

Message to fans.
I can’t wait to see all my fans. I hope they come out to see me on tour. I want them to see my new show, Goddess, it’s absolutely beautiful with new props. I would also appreciate for fans to check out my website, so they can see when I will be at a city near them.

What’s first on the calendar?
Exxxotica in Denver on April 6-8 followed by Cheetah on April 11. Then a fetish event in Minneapolis, a Fetish party in Dallas, Columbus at Vanity. It’s all on the website. Follow me around! And of course July 19-21 Exxxotica in Miami