Xcitement interviews Leya Falcon

Cosplay is the activity of dressing up as a fictional character and assuming their identity. Comic book characters are among the favorites. Lena Falcon has Harley Quinn down to perfection, however her name is derived from another. Read on to discover this fascinating adult star who is making her mark in the industry.

Looking at all the photos you sent us, we see you dressed as Harley Quinn. We read that you use the alias Whorley Quinn. Could you tell us about Harley Quinn?

I could literally go on for weeks about Harley as I have a very unhealthy obsession, however I don’t think anyone has that kind of time so just know shes fuckin’ awesome.

When we goggle Harley Quinn and see the fictional images then look at yours we are amazed, not only do you have the outfits but the poses and everything down perfect.

Did I mention I have a very unhealthy obsession with Harley? I have to have all the merchandise, the things that others call action figures but I refer to as my Barbies, I am always doing my makeup like her or wearing something with her on it so it’s safe to say I have studied her very well.

You also have Harlequin costume photos. Now about that character…

A Harlequin is different than Harley Quinn, I haven’t ever cosplayed as just a Harlequin though the character of Harley Quinn is based on a Harlequin.

As Whorley Quinn, what comic book character would you want to have sex with?

Catwoman because I am also a crazy cat lady.

What about for a DP? Name two.

Catwoman and Poison Ivy wearing big black strap-ons.

And if you were filming a scene with your comic book character where would it take place and what would you do?

I have filmed and continue to film many scenes as Harley Quinn, or rather Whorley Quinn and in all different locations. I actually did a DVD with Ivan of PUBA that came out last year called “The Sexxxploitation of Leya Falcon aka Whorley Quinn” that received 4 AVN nominations so I would say definitely check that out.

One more question as Whorley Quinn, who would you like to bop on the head with the baseball bat?

I don’t have anyone I want to bop in the head. I do however have a couple of people whose skulls I would love to crack with my bat but I am not about to drop names.

Do you have other costumes?

I have a shit ton of costumes that I do wear year round, everyday is Halloween for me!

Is the name Leya Falcon a take off on Princess Leia and the Millennium Falcon? How did you come up with it?

Yes it is. I had a friend from the golden age of porn that is no longer with us, Bill Margold, and he suggested it and I said cool only I’m changing the spelling as to not get sued.

Are you a big fan of Star Wars?

Very much but only episodes 4, 5 and 6.

Who in Star Wars would you like to fuck?

Darth Vader and Princess Leia.

Captain Jack called you an “anal queen” in the introduction to an interview you did with him. Our question is, are you? And could you expand on the subject?

I most definitely am, I don’t know how I take some of the dicks or foreign objects that I do but I’m glad I have such a talented butthole. I actually did a YouTube video, Anal Sex 101 that has 1.4 million views and counting because I always have people, industry and otherwise that are asking me how to do it.

In that interview you talked about your wild teen years. Tell our readers all, including how you lost your virginity.

Not appropriate.

Now about those wild teen years.

I wasn’t really that wild, I just fucked a lot of black guys.

For awhile you were a stripper, why did you quit?

I had been doing it for many years and with my social anxiety it really started to take a toll on me mentally. Though I LOVE doing stage I was not a big fan of going around and dealing with drunken assholes that felt entitled to touch my body. I cannot stand people touching me without permission, that is legit sexual assault and I couldn’t take it anymore. I still want to get back into featuring soon, however I do not see myself house dancing again.

You grew up in Las Vegas and still live in Las Vegas. Most porn stars relocate to LA. What keeps you in Vegas?

LA is expensive as shit. My family is in Vegas and now I am attending UNLV.

If we were to come visit in Vegas where would you take us?

Somewhere laid back where there aren’t a lot of people and I can drink my Tito’s vodka.

Best nightclubs in Vegas?

Fuck if I know. I hate being in the middle of big crowds (though strangely if I am on stage I enjoy it) , I am a mother, I am 30 years old with a career and now attending college, I don’t have time to go out like that unless I am paid to be there. I’d rather be at home with my family and cat

Something about Vegas that only a local would know?

Hmmmmmm…the first thing that came to mind is that prostitution is illegal even though everyone thinks it is when they come here.

How often do you go to LA to film?

It varies.

What are your latest releases?

The newest releases I have done are again with Ivan from Puba, I did a cuckold DVD called Cuckadoodle Doo which actually has a couple of my (now former) real life slaves. I live for cuckolding. Also check out Carjackerz, I am in a couple scenes in that one where I take a baseball bat up my ass and one where I am DP’d by 2 AVN trophies. (Hoping to win most outrageous scene again at AVN in January)

Do you remember the first porn you filmed? What was it like being on camera?

I do remember it. It was for Bang Bros with Mike Adriano which was my first ever non-black dick I’ve taken. It was cool, everything came natural for me though I can’t lie, when I am working with a guy that isn’t black I am definitely imagining a big black cock in me.

Goggle came back with this title, “Sexxxploittion of Leya Falcon aka Whorley Quinn. From the cover it looks great. Describe the scenes.

Oh man, basically it was my idea to have all these different cosplays from the original Harley to the Suicide Squad Harley and just show my love of the character.

Tell us about your role in the adult TV series “Everything Butt.” We see you listed in five episodes.

I had no clue about a TV series but that’s pretty cool. I have shot quite a few scenes for Kink’s “Everything Butt” and it’s always a great time because they let me do whatever I want with my asshole. The first scene I shot for them I actually took a foot in my ass, then I did one where I took 2 feet in my ass and I also did one where I took a 2 foot long toy up my ass so now when people ask me how I took 2 feet I always have to ask which they are referring to. I’m just fuckin’ nuts!

The porn industry has changed radically in the past decade. Today it is internet driven. What are your thoughts on the current state of affairs.

No comment.

We always ask this question and it always needs to be answered, why should everyone always pay for their porn?

Because stealing is wrong and karma is real.

How important is social media? Social media, love it, hate it, or?

I have a love hate relationship with it. I love it because it connects me to fans as well as slaves but I hate the trolls on it.

How much time do you spend on social media?

Depends on the day.

What are all your platforms? List them and which is your most important?

Well I had a Periscope that got deleted at 193k followers, that was my favorite. I had to reopen a new account so I’m just getting back started on that shit.

Twitter and IG: @leyafalcon

Perisope: @theleyafalcon (if they dont delete me again!)

Youtube: youtube.com/leyafalcon

Facebook: facebook.com/theleyafalcon

What do we get when we buy a membership for your website?

A lot of raw, uninhibited and crazy filth. You never know what I am going to do and I usually don’t even know what I am going to do until I show up on set that day but its almost always something that makes people go “What the fuck?!” and I just love that reaction


Let’s get some information about you.

Astrological sign?




Favorite color?


You have ink. Tell us about your tattoos.

I enjoy them but don’t like explaining them.

Are you a day or night person?


First thing you do when you wake up?

Take a piss.

What’s for breakfast?

A big ass cup of coffee and oatmeal.

Favorite foods?

All of them.

Favorite TV shows.

Dr. Oz Show most definitely.

Favorite adult stars?

Jenna Jameson was my inspiration so I’ll say her.

Favorite mainstream actors and actresses?

Margot Robbie and Ludacris before he cut his beautiful hair off.

Best movie you saw recently?

The Terrifier

Taste in music?

It’s very eclectic but most of it is old school rap. Eazy E and Bone Thugs n Harmony are my favorite.

Politics, yes or no?

Fuck Donald Trump. Enough said.

How do you stay fit? Do you have a workout routine?

I take aerial fitness classes, mostly pole.

Dress up or casual?

Depends on my mood.

Fan of lingerie?

As long as it’s being bought for me then yes.

Sex toys? Favorite?

As long as its big and black I love it.

Dominant or submissive?

I’m more so dominant but am for the most part submissive in the bedroom.

Best sex act?

Anything done with the man I love.

Favorite sex position?

Depends on my mood.

Something about you that would surprise us?

Hmmmmm…I don’t know I am a fairly open book and unpredictable so everything and yet nothing should surprise anyone.

Last thing you do at night?

Stare at the back of my eyelids.

What’s on your calendar for the upcoming months?

School, work and being the best mom and woman I can be.

A few final words to the fans.

What up muphukkaz?!