Aussie Showgirls take on the World

This month we are featuring five of Australia’s top showgirls that are planning to compete in the United States this year. Our story about Australian showgirls and the Miss Nude World Pageant begins many years ago at the old Déjà Vu Miami Beach club where we first met Gracie Cardoso (Rio Rivers) who went on to become a Hustler Busty Beauty and one of the best known showgirls on the circuit. She now runs The Worlds Pageants and is the one who introduced these lovely ladies to the American audience. We will begin by having Gracie tell her account of how it all came about:

My dream of becoming a pageant girl started at Déjà Vu when I won my first title, Miami Showgirl of the Year 1995 and then going to the finals in North Hollywood, California for the National title. The passion grew from there to become the best of the best.

Years later I became part of the pageant business. The pageant to us was a place where you went to compete, but mostly you spend a week with your extended family. We would go sightseeing, we ate all our meals together, we talked, laughed, we created a place of peace for one week.
With that said in 1997 I met John Monagham the owner of The Crazy Horse in Australia and the creator of Miss Nude Australia. Every year he brought his winner to compete at Miss Nude World. We were always mesmerized by the talent from Australia. In 2000 when we became the coordinators of the pageants following in the footsteps of the original Samantha Jones who had started all the pageants in 1954, we started the path for a new dream.
In 2001 we were all blown away by this beautiful entertainer, Morgan Sommers who hit the stage, melted all of our hearts and took home the crown to Australia. It was then that we started our journey to the international market in ways that we never felt possible, a little at a time we brought entertainers from Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, France and many other countries into the Miss Nude World Pageant in the US. On our road to the international market we decided to go to other countries and host the shows there. Miss Nude International was brought back to Canada after years of not being there. Then Miss Erotic International was finally held in Perth, Australia. What a dream come true! We never knew how much those two shows would truly bring us the World.
Being in Australia has been a great pleasure. The Aussie girls do things very different then US girls. They spend hours and months planning their shows. The days of the pageants is packed with hours of rehearsal during the day time and an explosion of talent at night.

The international performers are exceptional entertainers. Their beauty, elegance, talent, will blow anyone away. With that we realized that the international entertainers needed more shows in the other side of the World, this way it was more of an even playing ground for all that wanted to become the ultimate winners of Exotic Nude Universe and Miss Nude World.

The January 2002 Xcitement cover featured two Australian showgirls, Morgan Sommers and Cassie Tyler. Morgan started her showgirl career at the young age of just 18 years old in Australia’s first and only Showgirl Club of its kind back then, The Crazy Horse Revue, located in Adelaide, South Australia.

 She began her feature entertainer career on the circuit just two short years after beginning in the Industry in 1998 when she won the nationally credited Miss Erotica Australia pageant. After later winning the Miss Nude Australia title Morgan would then set her career on the path to being the second Australian girl at that time to come to the United states where she competed and won Miss Nude World. Recently, after a short retirement Morgan returned to entertaining and again visited the United States. She was our 2017 Miss Xcitement and represented us as Expo that summer.

How did you come to United States the first time?
The first time I travelled to the US and had the pleasure of being a part of the US pageant world it was 2001 where I competed at the Miss Nude World 2002 competition held at the Pink Pony in Atlanta, Georgia/ I was awestruck by the amazing talent featuring in the US. To say I crapped my pants was an understatement but all the contestants were so beautiful, friendly and so welcoming it really was a great introduction to the industry in the USA .

When you won Miss Nude World how did it feel?
Winning Miss Nude World was one of the most amazing and proudest moments in my career. It was my first time traveling out of Australia for an industry event and I was lucky enough to be traveling that year with a great friend, boss and mentor John Monaghan, he definitely kept me sane, on track & focused. It was a very overwhelming week with way over 40 contestants, I’d never competed in such a large pageant before. I remember hearing my name being called as the winner as if it was yesterday and just thinking and feeling that this is the start of something phenomenal. Which it was. Upon arriving home to little old Adelaide there were newspapers and TV stations waiting at the airport to interview me, radio stations interviews too. From that moment on my life in the industry here in Australia was never the same. It was better than I’d ever imagined.

We now flash foreword to 2018 and Cherry Pop, the reigning Miss Nude World. Cherry is a multi-award-winning, Australian showgirl whose titles include, Miss Exotic World 2018 and Miss Nude Australia Entertainer of the Year. She is a former Australian aerobics champion and who currently works with a traveling circus in Australia. Her shows are high energy and innovative with lots of wow factor.

How do you feel to have won Miss Nude World?
I’m still pinching myself, and I’ve been Miss Nude World for a couple of months now. I feel so honored! I feel ecstatic, excited, so happy- I cant find the words to describe exactly how I feel about it- it’s been THE DREAM- and now I’m living it! STOKED!!! GRATEFUL!!

What did you do to prepare for Miss Nude World?
In 2017 I spent six months working on my shows for Miss Nude World. This year I started to prepare early – but about two weeks before the competition I changed my mind on the themes of the shows I was going to perform. So as it turned out my preparation time wasn’t long but I decided to trust myself, my abilities, my theme and my concept, keep it simple and just do my thing. (Which is so unlike what I normally do with hours and hours of choreography and rehearsals.) I’ll forever be grateful to Beck Porter for helping me with my themes, concept development, music editing and for believing in me and supporting me. The first time I heard my Freddie Mercury music – I cried. I immediately thought ‘if I can pull this off- it’s a winning routine’. It was a crazy two weeks of standing in front of the mirror choreographing, making my own costumes and trying not to eat all the chocolate in my neighborhood

How will you represent the tile?
As Miss Nude World it’s my responsibility to set the benchmark for the Showgirl Industry. It Is my goal to be a positive role model for showgirls in terms of attitude, work ethic, quality of performance, costumes and innovative shows. I had two personal goals associated with winning MNW. One was to tour nationally, and internationally – which is slowly coming together. And the other was to train up and coming showgirls and boost the showgirl industry in my home state, New South Wales.

The Worlds Pageant has been the leader in introducing Australian talent to the United States and each year brings women from around the world to participate in the Exotic Dancer Expo. Our first encounter with Delilah Daniels was at the 2016 Exotic Dancer Expo in New Orleans. where she won Miss Exotic Showgirl International 2016 which then led her to compete at Miss Nude World 2017 and Miss Exotic Nude Universe 2017, earning the titles Miss Erotic Nude World 2017, Australia’s Grand Champion 2017, Miss Exotic Nude Universe Performer Of the Year 2017 as well as Best Breasts and Hottest Body in the World. Delilah lives in Perth and had been honored with the titles of Miss Exotic Western Australia, Miss Exotic Bombshell Australia two times. In 2017 and 2018 she returned to Expo and was was crowned Exotic Dancer’s International Feature Showgirl of the Year in 2017. Delilah was the 1st Runner up in the 2019 Miss Nude World Pageant and also won Showgirl of the Year and Ultimate Showgirl.

When you came to the US for the first time and why?
I first came with my family as a child as I have a lot of family who live on the east coast, My first trip as a performer was to New Orleans in 2016 to compete at Miss Exotic Showgirl international 2016 and since then I haven’t looked back!!

Tell us how you felt when you became International Showgirl of the Year?
The feeling of winning such a prestigious award which really highlights for the first time an international showgirl in the American arena was indescribable. I was so honored and blown away that I cried! I had an amazing year traveling all over the world that year, it really was a blast

You are truly a representative of the International industry and have opened doors to many Australians how do you feel about that?
To be a role model for future features is something that really strikes at my heart. For me I got into competitive exotic pageants as I wanted to leave knowing that I had done the best I could with what I had – and if I won that was always a bonus – to now be a role model for the future. Well for me that is just the best thing ever and I hope I can continue to inspire those who have the same dreams I had!

Who inspired you in the industry?
Morgan Summers, Isabelle Deltore and also a lot of girls from my hometown of Auckland – a performer called Syren who was simply one of the most amazing dancers I had ever seen.

You have been an amazing role model and we know The Worlds Pageants is honored to have you as one of their ELITE team, what does that mean to you?
It means everything to me. The Worlds Pageant is like a family to me and they continue to support and inspire me to be the best that I can be and I wouldn’t change that for the world. They constantly push for the best and as a result have produced some of the best pageants that are currently out there in on a world stage level.

Charlie Chaser we first met at the 2017 Expo in Las Vegas. Her story is most fascinating. Charlie began her career working as a waitress in a strip club in Perth, Australia. It was there she first fell in love with the industry. She was in awe of the beautiful way the dancers performed on stage and empowerment of the female body. She started first with skimpy barmaid work and private parties doing waitressing and shows working around coastal towns of western Australia. Charlie first started stripping in Tokyo, where she first performed on stage and loved every minute. She then returned to Australia and continued doing skimpy bar work, dance shows, private parties and club work. Charlie loves everything about the industry, in particular dressing up, pole dancing and the ability to combine work and travel. She has just returned after touring Central and South America. Charlie is on top of the world as she is a nominee for Australian Top Entertainer award for Female Entertainer of the Year at the S.T.A.R. awards.

Please tell us about yourself.
Okay I am Charlie Chaser born in Perth, Australia. I’ve been stripping and performing for the last 4 years . I love the feeling of being on stage and love all the costumes that come with it. I have been lucky enough to travel around Australia, Tokyo, Jakarta and around the USA tearing it up! I have recently been honored to receive the titles of the 2018 Miss Exotic North America, the 2018 Miss Exotic Perth, and, in the recent Miss Nude World Pageant I received Miss Exotic Natural World as well as audience favorite and hottest body. I love traveling the world and have been to over 45 countries and have alot of crazy stories to tell!
Here Down Under I love living next the beach and chilling with my dogs and exploring the outdoors. It’s especially fun in west Australia to fuck outdoors as it’s warm and beautiful nearly all year round. I love sex outdoors in the sun overlooking the beautiful Aussie beaches but don’t go down under in the sand though lol!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in your travels?
I swam naked with pink dolphins in Ecuador and ate piranhas for dinner!

Finally we wish to introduce Frankie Fatele and we’ll let her tell us about herself. After reading what she had to say, we absolutely can not wait to meet her!

It’s only been three years that I’ve been in this industry, but it’s safe to say I’m here to stay. I don’t know whether I’m better known for being incredibly sexually inappropriate, for never staying still, or for always being the loudest person in the room, but thanks to all these things, I’m definitely well known. I’ve spent the last year on tour constantly across Australia, and I’m looking forward to spending 2019 spreading my wings (my legs?) overseas and in America. Make sure you keep an eye out for my red hair, but it’s likely you’ll probably hear me before you see me. And since I’ve had a few months off after a nasty fall from my aerial anchor (I nearly broke my neck because I’m over dramatic, but I settled for a broken collar bone), you can bet I’m going to make a massive comeback. I might even put my whole fist in my mouth if you ask me nicely.
I just love the industry because…. being able to get naked is very freeing and being able to make money off doing something I love, especially something that the patriarchy tends to demand from us, is very empowering as a woman.
I’m hoping to come over to the US and compete and perform as many times as possible this year! So far I’ve been Miss Redhead World 2018, Miss Nude Worlds Hottest Body 2018 and Miss Nude South Australia 2017

How did you start in the Exotic Entertainment?
I hated my day job, and when I joked about starting stripping to my then boyfriend, he was like “duh. You’d be really good at it, and better still, you’d get a kick out of it”. Only good thing he did for me.

What part of Australia are you in?
I live in Perth – the western coast. But I travel on tour pretty much half of the time now so I’m never home.

What type of dance do you prefer? Pole, floor, aerial, etc.
I love it all! I started aerials last year and now do hammock, silks and anchor. I was initially scared of pole and basically couldn’t pole dance for my first year but now I love it. I used to be a ballerina so all dance styles are super fun for me.

We want to first say sorry regarding your fall. How are you feeling? And can you share with us the experience you just went through with the fall
Thanks so much! The whole thing was horrible. I was doing my first show back after competing in Miss Nude World (which was held in Perth this year and was awesome) and I was so bloody tired. I definitely shouldn’t have been working and I remember thinking that and thinking I was going to go straight home after my performance. I didn’t think of pulling out of my show – I have chronic fatigue syndrome which means I’m often exhausted to the point of illness so I’m used to performing tired. I got halfway through my show and it was feeling pretty good, until I got up in my aerial anchor. I couldn’t even remember which way I was supposed to be spinning and I got confused. Everything was off, all my moves were off balance. I went to do a big split off the bottom part of the anchor, the curved part. The only thing holding you on is the strength of your legs. When you come up from hanging there, there’s always a moment where you think you’re going to fal – and you just grab on to the middle bar. Except I missed, and my body sort of folded in on itself and I hit the deck – hard. When you fall off aerials it’s not just falling – it’s a lot of G force combined with your body weight. I was really lucky – I landed on my neck and upper back and nearly broke both. I only broke my collarbone, which was very fortunate. After the fall. I was rushed upstairs by staff and then I was taken to hospital in an ambulance in full spinal gear – imagine being wheeled away from your club strapped to a gurney in a neck brace. So embarrassing!

Are you recovered?
Since falling I’ve already had six weeks off work completely in a sling. Now I have another six weeks of training and rehab at least before I’ll be safe to perform again. The whole thing has been really awful, so frustrating not being able to perform or work. And it’s very lonely being by yourself. And super depressing knowing I’m going to lose all my amazing progress and have to start from the ground up with my training – which makes me very anxious. I am still hoping to have another crack at Miss Nude Australia and Miss Nude World in 2019. Luckily our Australian industry is incredibly tight knit, so the news had spread before I even posted it on social media, and fellow dancers and clubs have been encouraging people to buy my merchandise or donating some of their own to help me.

Happy New Year to our readers! We begin 2019 with the exciting news that after two years in Australia the Miss Nude World Pageant will be returning to America at a club yet to be determined. And yes, along with the pageant the Aussie girls will be returning.The Worlds Pageants also runs the Miss Exotic United States Pageant Series with pageants held across America for state titles. The winners of these pageants get to compete in Miss Nude World and also the Miss Exotic United States Pageant that is held the Sunday night that opens the Expo which this year is being held at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on August 12-15, 2019. Any club owner that wished to hold a state pageant or the Miss Nude World Pageant should contact Rio Rivers at 954-818-6465 or send an email to Sponsorships at all levels are available – iBeing a sponsor or hosting an event are excellent opportunities to advance the industry!
The Worlds Pageants have invaded the Adult Gentlemen’s Expo each year with more International girls. They started with 3 and last year had 14. Girls from all over the world have been part of The Worlds Pageant Booth at the expo. 2019 will be nothing different and we are guessing the best ever!

Excited about Expo? Here’s Cherry Pop, Miss Nude World on 2019 and we’re sure what she says holds true to all the Australians that will be attending.

I’m fully ready this time, with big expectations for the 2019 Expo!
I’m hoping to be able to perform in Vegas again, perhaps even at the ED awards ceremony (wink wink nudge nudge) and hoping to get some Aussie talent in the top five bikini contest! But in all seriousness, I’m looking forward to strengthening the relationships I made last year and hopefully make some US touring plans for 2019 and beyond. Las Vegas here we come!
Story and interview by Kevin Pennington, Gracie Cardoso and Richard Kent.

Thank you to all the Australian photographers who took the photos that appear in this article and to Kevin for coordinating our story.