Carmen Valentina Interview

Carmen Valentina is anything but your typical girl nest door. Nor is she rhe typical college coed gone bad, and for that matter anything but your typical adult star. First of all she is classically trained in piano, violin and guitar. Carmen has a college degree in Illustration and is a fine arts artist although she used to specialize in doing caricatures. She’s worked as sexy black jacl dealer, life art model, receptionist and a lifeguard. She can hold her breathe underwater for an amazing amount of time, a skill she uses in fetish videos. Carmen’s hertiage is Irish and Bulgarian. She is fluent in Bulgarian!
Carmen is down to earth, friendly and fun to be with. She is 5′ tall, 34B-26-37. She’s a genuine exhibitionist who claims that she is always horny and loves to give supper sloppy blow jobs.
Her adult credits include Brazzers, Wicked Pictures, Vicky Vette, Mofos, BangBros and others.
Carmen was in South Florida where she featured at the Cheetah Pompano Christmas party. We did the interview between shows.

We met in Tampa years back when you first started while attending a NightMoves Magazine Caravan of Stars, so let’s start our interview there.
It’s true, I’ve been going to NightMoves for years now. When I first started out I was a college student in Tampa. I knew one of their photographers who invited me and I’ve been going every year since. This year was the first time I featured at their awards show.

You performed a duo act at the Awards Show?
Yes, with Lauren Phillips.

You still live in Tampa, correct? And you are from Las Vegas?
I came to Tampa to study art and I got myself a college bachelors degree in Illustration. I mostly oil paint.

Old fashioned with brushes?
I don’t do digital. Yes it’s quicker but it takes all the fun out.

How did you get into adult?
Like most college kids I was needing money and I stumbled upon an erotic modeling gig that I found online. I was nervous at first but honestly I have always been an exhibitionist at at heart and loved it! Once I got naked for the first time on camera I knew I wanted to do more of it!

Your first scene?
It was with ATKingdom. It was a solo shoot for a company that does amateur videos. I think that was the best way to start, no boy/girl, no girl/girl, just solo.

What came next next?
The same company later booked me for boy/girl and then I began booking my own stuff. Craig’s list was a genuine resource before it turned all escorts. You could actually find adult jobs there. In fact I met Hustler there and I ended up in an issue of Hustler Magazine for the real college girls section. I didn’t know it was Hustler at first. I sent them pictures, answered questions, did an interview, they paid me money and I was in the next issue of Hustler Magazine.

Continuing from Hustler.
I tried booking myself but there were some bad apples so eventually I got myself an agency. I’ve been doing this for eight years now. It seems like forever.

What are your recent works?
Lauren Phillips and I just released in October “Our TV Date DVD” that we shot in March after the Super Bowl. We made a bet that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl, we had picked four teams, and if one of the four teams won, we would suck all our fans cocks. So the Patriots won and we had everyone meet us in Vegas at the Erotic Heritage Museum. Everyone got tested for STDs, signed model releases to be the video. Thirty six guys showed up and we blew them all!

What else?
Elegant Angel. I Heart Squirt 2. It’s a good release and I have a couple of internet releases including

Much of porn now is direct to internet.
There’s no need to buy DVDs anymore. You can watch it all on you computers.You don’t need to be embarased walking into the adult store.

Social Media?
I do Twitter and Instagram. Occasionally SnapChat. I don’t do Facebook. I’ve had it shut down too many times.

How much time do you spend on Social Media.?
Some days hardly any because I am so busy, others all day long, especially if I am bored.

What keeps you busy?
Filming scenes. I am always shooting for my website. I update once a week. When I am in Tampa I shoot for a lot of fetish companies.

Which Fetish?
There are so many of them I don’t know which to talk about first.

OK, I’ll pick out one, Bondage
Gigi Lynn and Jeff Hunter in Tampa do bondage. They often get fans who want a certain video clip and are willing to pay for it. They will call me, and knock on wood, they will tie me up. Bondage is not hard, you can’t more and just struggle a little bit. (laughs)

What else?
I do wrestling fetishes, those are fun. Then there are those where they want you to talk for ten minutes straight. Underwater where I work out in Lakeland. They are scary, is she going to die or what? There’s Roxie Ray who does mostly feet. There are ones where you just go limp, drop there and just go to sleep. There is a hypnotist down in Sarasota where there hypnotize you. There is plenty of work in the Tampa area.

With sex, boy/girl, girl/girl etc. Your preferences?
I do just about everything but I don’t do anal. I don’t like anal. It hurts too much and I don’t think it’s worth the few extra dollars per scene. You have to clean your butt out, you have to do enemas, you can’t eat the night before and you are starving the next day. I’d be miserable besides it doesn’t feel comfortable to me. Some women say they love it, but I don’t know if I believe them. Me, I hate it! The giver is probably having fun but for the receiver it’s not so much fun.

Something crazy you once did?
I shoved an Easter Egg up my pussy for an Easter Cam show!


Let’s go thru a typical day. Up with the sun or sleep in?
Sleep in.

First thing you do when you wake up?
Go on my phone. After i wake up a little bit I read the new stories of the morning.

What do you have for breakfast?
Sometimes I go to Starbucks. There is this one place I go to that sells pre-made meals. I hate cooking. I’ll do anything to get out of cooking. I’ll stock up and microwave during the week. Sometimes I’ll go to a smoothie place. Other times I’ll just have a bowl of cereal.

Do you work out?
I try when I’m not busy.

Do you go to the gym?
When I’m traveling it’s hard. I can be so exhausted that the last thing I want to do is go to the gym. When I am back home in Tampa and not shooting I try and go to the gym and work out.
When you are home do you a daily routine?
I can’t have a routine. Every day is so different that there isn’t much of a routine. I go with the flow. Sometimes It’s on the computer or just relax in front of the TV.

What are your favorite TV shows?
I like Good Behavior. Grey’s Anatomy. I like Stranger Things. I just saw the new one on Netflix called Mindhunter. That’s a good one.

For dinner?
I usually eat the Fit Life foods. I try and eat something healthy. If I don’t have anything in my fridge I’ll probably go out and have a sandwich.

So you are not a foodie?
I love food. I just don’t like cooking!

What’s your favorite restaurant?
I like Cheesecake Factory. They are good!

Do you like any ethnic foods?
Yes I like Peruvian. I love ceviche.

Last thing before bed?
Watch TV. Cuddle with my cats. I go to bed between midnight and 2:00am

No masturbation?
I save that for my cam shows every Wednesday.

Are you going to AVN?
Yes I am.

We will see you there.
Yes you will. AVN will be on my birthday. January 26. I’ll tell everyone on Twitter to bring me cupcakes. I love cupcakes! They are yummy. So delicious.

Twitter is

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Photo credit to MAD Creativity.
Interview by Richard Kent

Aubrey Sinclair Interview

This month we are happy to bring you a bright new face in the industry. We met Aubrey Sinclair at the Lee Network booth at the NightMoves Fanfest in Tampa this October. That night she got on stage at 2001 Odyssey for an insane girl/girl show. At only 19. with just one year in the biz, she’s already made a huge name for herself. She has filmed with Girlfriends Films, Wicked Pictures, Jules Jordan, Digital Playground, New Sensations plus web scenes for Reality Kings, Naughty America and many other major studios. Aubrey is a young woman who knows exactly where she is going…..

At 19, you are the youngest woman who has ever been on our cover.
Oh really? That’s exciting! This is my first magazine cover so I’m very excited.

Well now, who are you?
I’m the cute little girl next door.

You are new in the business, one year, and yet you already very established.
I don’t feel very new. I’ve met a lot of people, made a lot of friends, done a lot of things. I know that I’ve only been in the porn world about a year, done all the things, well not all the things, but enough of the things.

How often do you film?
At least ten times a month. On slower months only five or six. I think I’ve done about 75 scenes now, just a guess.

We see you are from Las Vegas.
Yes born and raised.

Tell us about Vegas – why you love it and why you live there.
I️ adore Vegas. It’s the only home I’ve ever known. Every time I️ leave I️ want to come back home.

Let’s talk about high school. What were you like?
I didn’t ever go to school, I skipped all the time, hung out with all the wrong crowd of people. I always dated older guys. In my senior year I moved in with the guy I was dating, I hustled for myself and then I started porn. I was 17 when I moved out, 18 when I started porn. My parents were so upset with me, but they knew that they couldn’t control me because they knew I was going to do what I wanted to do anyway. I wish I was a better child, but I had this thing that I wanted to be.

How did you get into the adult business?
I was about to turn 18 and I had just moved in with the guy I was seeing. I got into a car accident and couldn’t work because I didn’t have a car to get get to my job. A really good friend of mine from high school was working as a representative for a web cam studio so I started. She totally fucked me. The studio was garbage, the environment was horrible and the boss was an asshole, but I needed the money. It got to the point that I realized I would rather be broke.

So you didn’t like camming?
I didn’t mind camming so much, the act of webcamming. I was webcamming in a studio and I hated the manager. He was such as asshole. He was always trying to take my money, he was dishonest. We had signed a contract and it was hard to get away from the deal, you couldn’t web cam for six months unless you did it though him. I tried webcamming at home and I did really well, but when that studio found out I was forced to deactivate my account. That’s when the porn offer came and that was perfect so I went with that.

How did you hook up with LA Direct and the Lee Network.
I was with this other agency and my contract was about to expire. About that time Darcie Dolce hit me up on twitter and we started talking. She told me if I ever needed an agency that she would hook me up with LA Direct. A week later my contract expired, I called Darcie, she hooked with up with Derek and I’ve been with them ever since.

You have a tremendous following on Instagram and Twitter. How did you get so many followers so fast?
I’m very interactive with my fans. I always tweet them, I answer questions, when they tweet me I tweet them back, I respond to them. I was lucky to be involved with companies that had huge followings so my numbers went up pretty quick. They skyrocketed.

I saw on your twitter a video clip of you in a bathtub all covered in blood. What was that?
Oh my god, wasn’t that so cool! I produced a scene for Halloween with Damon Dice who is one of my most favorite people in the entire world. Originally we were going to carve pumpkins and fuck on a kitchen table. And then no, I said that if we were going to do it we were going to go big. I got contacts and fake blood. We destroyed it. It was so fun! We spent probably five hours just for filming that little clip on twitter. We spent so much time making the trailer and the intro that I didn’t have time to edit the actual porn scene. It was probably the most fun I ever had making a porno.

What are your plans for the future? Tell us about them.
I do have a lot of plans. It keeps me motivated. I want to do all this cool shit, if that’s a plan, then I have plans. I want to be in charge of my own career and destiny. I I love shooting for production companies. I love being on set. If it ever comes to the point where it’s my only source of income I want to have the experience to be able to do it and do it well.

So you are self motivated.
I am very self motivated. Yes but I don’t make enough time for fun or for family. I spend so much time working and making money. I want to set myself up for the future, but I need to have a little fun as well as work and save.

At the NightMoves Caravans you performed on stage. Was that the first time?
It was a feature dance tour and we went to a couple of different clubs. The first time I was on stage was the first time I ever stepped foot in a strip club. I never danced, never been on stage, never performed in front of a bunch of people, so the first time I had ever been in a trip club I got on stage and performed. It was so much fun! I am so thankful for Sophie Ryan because she went on stage with me and that is what saved me. If she hadn’t gone on with me I would have panicked. She helped me and walked me thru.

Do you have any interest in feature dancing?
I would love to feature dance but I want to wait until I’m 21. I might do some house dancing to get some experience. When I film and in front of a camera I’m fine but to get on stage in front of a lot of people I panic so I want a drink to calm me down.

Lets talk about sex.
I’m an open book.

Dominant? Submissive?
I’m very dominant in my personal life so sexually I want someone to dominate me. Does that make sense?

What’s your favorite position.
My favorite position is 100% defined by the size of the guy’s penis. I know that’s not the answer the fans want to hear but it’s the truth. Let’d say doggie, if the guy has a really big dick it hurts so it’s not my favorite if the guy has a really big dick but if he has an average dick it’s good. If he has a big dick then missionary. Riding is never my favorite.

Oral sex?
I like it giving but not getting. It’s not that I don’t like receiving, It’s not my favorite. I get bored. It’s like OK this is cool give me your penis now.

Sex with women?
Oh my god, I love girls. Oh my god you are so cute, let me love you.

When was the first time you had sex with a girl?
It was on a webcam show. I had a girl/girl booked and I had never done this before. I thought what if I look like an idiot, so I did it on a webcam and then Pay for Play and now I’d rather have sex with a girl on camera. Not that i don’t like having sex with guys, but I definitely like having sex with girls.

Do you masturbate? How often?
Not really. I’m always sexually satisfied. I’ll masturbate more for work then for my own enjoyment.

Favorite sex toy? Why?
BUTT PLUG because I️ really like stuff in my butt 🙂

Do you watch your own porn?
Always, for instructional purposes.

Now let’s do some random questions. First thing you do when you wake up?
Make coffee. No exceptions.

What’s for breakfast?
Chocolate banana protein shake with almond butter.

Are you a day or night person?
I’m absolutely obsessed with the sunshine. Day person for sure.

Are you an Inside type or outdoors, nature loving?
Outdoors for suuuuuure.

They’re so fun to play, I’m insanely competitive but I’m not going to watch them on tv.

Workout routine if you have one?
Everyday is leg day. Sometimes I’ll throw some abs in there.

Best time for sex?
Anytime after I’ve had a reasonable amount of caffeine.

Last thing you do before sleep?
Brush my teeth and wash my face!

Height, weight, measurements. Astrological sign.
4’11 sent from heaven. 110 pounds. 32b breast, 25 waist 32 hips. Capricorn

Your favorite and least favorite body part?
Favorite – Boooooooooty. Least – Thighs

Turn ons?
A smart man who can make me laugh. Nothing sexier.

What turns you off?
Cockiness, bad hygiene, awkward conversation, judgmental people. I’m turned on by emotional connections so any of those things will immediately make me not want to fuck you, no matter how physically hot you are.

Describe your ideal lover.
My ideal lover is someone who can always make me laugh and smile. Someone who challenges me everyday to be better and who supports me in whatever adventure life takes me on. I’m full of energy and life and I’d need a man who can keep up and still challenge me.

What’s a romantic night?
Any night I’d get to spend with someone I’m romantically interested in. Bubble bath, watching movies, getting dinner. Doesn’t really matter. With the right person, anything can feel romantic.

Dress to kill or causual?
Casual 110%.

Fan of lingerie?

Music you listen to?
My playlist has a little bit of everything. R&B, pop, rap, country.

Favorite musicians?
Post Malone, Russ, Kanye West, SZA, Halsey, G-Eazy

Favorite TV shows?
Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite recent movies?
Me Before You and Why Him

Favorite mainstream actor and actress?
Will Ferrell, James Franco, Anna Kendrick.

Favorite porn stars?
Kissa Sins is someone who I’ve looked up to even before we met. I’m lucky enough to call her one of my great friends and I’m blessed to be able to laugh with her and learn from her and kiss her perfect face!!

Favorite color?

Favorite foods?
Pizza is hands down my favorite.

Places you would like to visit?
I️ want to plan a Europe vacation!

Top thing on your bucket list?

Something we would never guess about you.
I’m 100% afraid of the dark and sleep with night lights.

If you were not doing porn as a career, what would you be doing?
A nanny for kids wit special needs.

Are you gong to AVN this year?
I’m very excited. I’m hoping to get nominations. I’m working with a designer to have my dress custom made. I’m going to go over the top for AVN.

List your social media -Twitter,Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Twitter @aubreysinxxx Instagram @officialaubreysinclair

Message to fans.
Thank you so much for always supporting me. Your love and kind words do not go unnoticed. Without you, I’m not sure I’d have a career. You’ve given me so much motivation to be the best because you all deserve everything I️ have to give. Thank you for always loving me and for allowing me to do what I’m so passionate about. I adore you.

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Hardest Body RAVEN KALI
Best Breasts IVY BANE
Hottest Buns RAVEN BLACK
Hottest Legs KALI REIGN
Hottest Stage Personality CYNTHIA TAZER
Best Dancer ABBY LANE
Hottest Gymnast PENNIE LAYNE
Most Original Show ABBY LANE
Best Show Production BAMBI WILDE
Audience Favorite AERIAL LEIGH
Most Unique show LITA VON DOOM

Feature Dancer National Championship Results

POLE Dancer National Championship:
• Grand Champion SHAR ZAYN
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NEWCOMER FEATURE Dancer National Championship:
(Zero to Less Than a Year Featuring)
• Grand Champion SHAR ZAYN
• 1stRunner-Up AERIAL LEIGH
• 2nd Runner-Up LITA VON DOOM

SHOWGIRL FEATURE Dancer National Championship:
(1 to Less Than 3 Years Featuring)
• Grand Champion SYD VICIOUS
• 1stRunner-Up STACIA DIANNA
• 2nd Runner-Up NIKITA STEELE

MASTERS FEATURE Dancer National Championship:
(3+ Years Featuring)
• Grand Champion SHELBY DOLL
• 1stRunner-Up RYAN ASHLEY
• 2nd Runner-Up KATIE SUTRA

POLE Mini Titles:
• Best Execution RYAN ASHLEY
• Miss Flexibility MS. PARKER
• Most Original Performance SHELBY DOLL
• Best Choreography RYAN ASHLEY
• Most Difficult Tricks SHAR ZAYN
• Best Transitions SHAR ZAYN
• Audience Favorite KATIE SUTRA

NEWCOMER Mini Titles:
• Best Props LITA VON DOOM
• Best Costume LAYLA CARMEN
• Hottest Stage Personality ABBY LANE
• Audience Favorite CAROLINE SKYE

SHOWGIRL Mini Titles:
• Best Costume STACIA DIANNA
• Hottest Stage Personality SYD VICIOUS
• Audience Favorite CYNTHIA TAZER

MASTERS Mini Titles:
• Best Props SHELBY DOLL
• Best Show SHELBY DOL
• Best Costume KOYOTEE J. VON DIVA
• Hottest Stage Personality PUERTO RICAN PRINCESS
• Audience Favorite KATIE SUTRA
• Best Dancer RYAN ASHLEY

• Best Buns SHAR ZAYN
• Prettiest Face TATTIANA MONROE
• Hardest Body SHAR ZAYN
• Most Extreme Show JC NICOLE