Carmen Valentina Interview

Carmen Valentina is anything but your typical girl nest door. Nor is she rhe typical college coed gone bad, and for that matter anything but your typical adult star. First of all she is classically trained in piano, violin and guitar. Carmen has a college degree in Illustration and is a fine arts artist although she used to specialize in doing caricatures. She’s worked as sexy black jacl dealer, life art model, receptionist and a lifeguard. She can hold her breathe underwater for an amazing amount of time, a skill she uses in fetish videos. Carmen’s hertiage is Irish and Bulgarian. She is fluent in Bulgarian!
Carmen is down to earth, friendly and fun to be with. She is 5′ tall, 34B-26-37. She’s a genuine exhibitionist who claims that she is always horny and loves to give supper sloppy blow jobs.
Her adult credits include Brazzers, Wicked Pictures, Vicky Vette, Mofos, BangBros and others.
Carmen was in South Florida where she featured at the Cheetah Pompano Christmas party. We did the interview between shows.

We met in Tampa years back when you first started while attending a NightMoves Magazine Caravan of Stars, so let’s start our interview there.
It’s true, I’ve been going to NightMoves for years now. When I first started out I was a college student in Tampa. I knew one of their photographers who invited me and I’ve been going every year since. This year was the first time I featured at their awards show.

You performed a duo act at the Awards Show?
Yes, with Lauren Phillips.

You still live in Tampa, correct? And you are from Las Vegas?
I came to Tampa to study art and I got myself a college bachelors degree in Illustration. I mostly oil paint.

Old fashioned with brushes?
I don’t do digital. Yes it’s quicker but it takes all the fun out.

How did you get into adult?
Like most college kids I was needing money and I stumbled upon an erotic modeling gig that I found online. I was nervous at first but honestly I have always been an exhibitionist at at heart and loved it! Once I got naked for the first time on camera I knew I wanted to do more of it!

Your first scene?
It was with ATKingdom. It was a solo shoot for a company that does amateur videos. I think that was the best way to start, no boy/girl, no girl/girl, just solo.

What came next next?
The same company later booked me for boy/girl and then I began booking my own stuff. Craig’s list was a genuine resource before it turned all escorts. You could actually find adult jobs there. In fact I met Hustler there and I ended up in an issue of Hustler Magazine for the real college girls section. I didn’t know it was Hustler at first. I sent them pictures, answered questions, did an interview, they paid me money and I was in the next issue of Hustler Magazine.

Continuing from Hustler.
I tried booking myself but there were some bad apples so eventually I got myself an agency. I’ve been doing this for eight years now. It seems like forever.

What are your recent works?
Lauren Phillips and I just released in October “Our TV Date DVD” that we shot in March after the Super Bowl. We made a bet that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl, we had picked four teams, and if one of the four teams won, we would suck all our fans cocks. So the Patriots won and we had everyone meet us in Vegas at the Erotic Heritage Museum. Everyone got tested for STDs, signed model releases to be the video. Thirty six guys showed up and we blew them all!

What else?
Elegant Angel. I Heart Squirt 2. It’s a good release and I have a couple of internet releases including

Much of porn now is direct to internet.
There’s no need to buy DVDs anymore. You can watch it all on you computers.You don’t need to be embarased walking into the adult store.

Social Media?
I do Twitter and Instagram. Occasionally SnapChat. I don’t do Facebook. I’ve had it shut down too many times.

How much time do you spend on Social Media.?
Some days hardly any because I am so busy, others all day long, especially if I am bored.

What keeps you busy?
Filming scenes. I am always shooting for my website. I update once a week. When I am in Tampa I shoot for a lot of fetish companies.

Which Fetish?
There are so many of them I don’t know which to talk about first.

OK, I’ll pick out one, Bondage
Gigi Lynn and Jeff Hunter in Tampa do bondage. They often get fans who want a certain video clip and are willing to pay for it. They will call me, and knock on wood, they will tie me up. Bondage is not hard, you can’t more and just struggle a little bit. (laughs)

What else?
I do wrestling fetishes, those are fun. Then there are those where they want you to talk for ten minutes straight. Underwater where I work out in Lakeland. They are scary, is she going to die or what? There’s Roxie Ray who does mostly feet. There are ones where you just go limp, drop there and just go to sleep. There is a hypnotist down in Sarasota where there hypnotize you. There is plenty of work in the Tampa area.

With sex, boy/girl, girl/girl etc. Your preferences?
I do just about everything but I don’t do anal. I don’t like anal. It hurts too much and I don’t think it’s worth the few extra dollars per scene. You have to clean your butt out, you have to do enemas, you can’t eat the night before and you are starving the next day. I’d be miserable besides it doesn’t feel comfortable to me. Some women say they love it, but I don’t know if I believe them. Me, I hate it! The giver is probably having fun but for the receiver it’s not so much fun.

Something crazy you once did?
I shoved an Easter Egg up my pussy for an Easter Cam show!


Let’s go thru a typical day. Up with the sun or sleep in?
Sleep in.

First thing you do when you wake up?
Go on my phone. After i wake up a little bit I read the new stories of the morning.

What do you have for breakfast?
Sometimes I go to Starbucks. There is this one place I go to that sells pre-made meals. I hate cooking. I’ll do anything to get out of cooking. I’ll stock up and microwave during the week. Sometimes I’ll go to a smoothie place. Other times I’ll just have a bowl of cereal.

Do you work out?
I try when I’m not busy.

Do you go to the gym?
When I’m traveling it’s hard. I can be so exhausted that the last thing I want to do is go to the gym. When I am back home in Tampa and not shooting I try and go to the gym and work out.
When you are home do you a daily routine?
I can’t have a routine. Every day is so different that there isn’t much of a routine. I go with the flow. Sometimes It’s on the computer or just relax in front of the TV.

What are your favorite TV shows?
I like Good Behavior. Grey’s Anatomy. I like Stranger Things. I just saw the new one on Netflix called Mindhunter. That’s a good one.

For dinner?
I usually eat the Fit Life foods. I try and eat something healthy. If I don’t have anything in my fridge I’ll probably go out and have a sandwich.

So you are not a foodie?
I love food. I just don’t like cooking!

What’s your favorite restaurant?
I like Cheesecake Factory. They are good!

Do you like any ethnic foods?
Yes I like Peruvian. I love ceviche.

Last thing before bed?
Watch TV. Cuddle with my cats. I go to bed between midnight and 2:00am

No masturbation?
I save that for my cam shows every Wednesday.

Are you going to AVN?
Yes I am.

We will see you there.
Yes you will. AVN will be on my birthday. January 26. I’ll tell everyone on Twitter to bring me cupcakes. I love cupcakes! They are yummy. So delicious.

Twitter is

Instagram is

Website is

Photo credit to MAD Creativity.
Interview by Richard Kent

Aubrey Sinclair Interview

This month we are happy to bring you a bright new face in the industry. We met Aubrey Sinclair at the Lee Network booth at the NightMoves Fanfest in Tampa this October. That night she got on stage at 2001 Odyssey for an insane girl/girl show. At only 19. with just one year in the biz, she’s already made a huge name for herself. She has filmed with Girlfriends Films, Wicked Pictures, Jules Jordan, Digital Playground, New Sensations plus web scenes for Reality Kings, Naughty America and many other major studios. Aubrey is a young woman who knows exactly where she is going…..

At 19, you are the youngest woman who has ever been on our cover.
Oh really? That’s exciting! This is my first magazine cover so I’m very excited.

Well now, who are you?
I’m the cute little girl next door.

You are new in the business, one year, and yet you already very established.
I don’t feel very new. I’ve met a lot of people, made a lot of friends, done a lot of things. I know that I’ve only been in the porn world about a year, done all the things, well not all the things, but enough of the things.

How often do you film?
At least ten times a month. On slower months only five or six. I think I’ve done about 75 scenes now, just a guess.

We see you are from Las Vegas.
Yes born and raised.

Tell us about Vegas – why you love it and why you live there.
I️ adore Vegas. It’s the only home I’ve ever known. Every time I️ leave I️ want to come back home.

Let’s talk about high school. What were you like?
I didn’t ever go to school, I skipped all the time, hung out with all the wrong crowd of people. I always dated older guys. In my senior year I moved in with the guy I was dating, I hustled for myself and then I started porn. I was 17 when I moved out, 18 when I started porn. My parents were so upset with me, but they knew that they couldn’t control me because they knew I was going to do what I wanted to do anyway. I wish I was a better child, but I had this thing that I wanted to be.

How did you get into the adult business?
I was about to turn 18 and I had just moved in with the guy I was seeing. I got into a car accident and couldn’t work because I didn’t have a car to get get to my job. A really good friend of mine from high school was working as a representative for a web cam studio so I started. She totally fucked me. The studio was garbage, the environment was horrible and the boss was an asshole, but I needed the money. It got to the point that I realized I would rather be broke.

So you didn’t like camming?
I didn’t mind camming so much, the act of webcamming. I was webcamming in a studio and I hated the manager. He was such as asshole. He was always trying to take my money, he was dishonest. We had signed a contract and it was hard to get away from the deal, you couldn’t web cam for six months unless you did it though him. I tried webcamming at home and I did really well, but when that studio found out I was forced to deactivate my account. That’s when the porn offer came and that was perfect so I went with that.

How did you hook up with LA Direct and the Lee Network.
I was with this other agency and my contract was about to expire. About that time Darcie Dolce hit me up on twitter and we started talking. She told me if I ever needed an agency that she would hook me up with LA Direct. A week later my contract expired, I called Darcie, she hooked with up with Derek and I’ve been with them ever since.

You have a tremendous following on Instagram and Twitter. How did you get so many followers so fast?
I’m very interactive with my fans. I always tweet them, I answer questions, when they tweet me I tweet them back, I respond to them. I was lucky to be involved with companies that had huge followings so my numbers went up pretty quick. They skyrocketed.

I saw on your twitter a video clip of you in a bathtub all covered in blood. What was that?
Oh my god, wasn’t that so cool! I produced a scene for Halloween with Damon Dice who is one of my most favorite people in the entire world. Originally we were going to carve pumpkins and fuck on a kitchen table. And then no, I said that if we were going to do it we were going to go big. I got contacts and fake blood. We destroyed it. It was so fun! We spent probably five hours just for filming that little clip on twitter. We spent so much time making the trailer and the intro that I didn’t have time to edit the actual porn scene. It was probably the most fun I ever had making a porno.

What are your plans for the future? Tell us about them.
I do have a lot of plans. It keeps me motivated. I want to do all this cool shit, if that’s a plan, then I have plans. I want to be in charge of my own career and destiny. I I love shooting for production companies. I love being on set. If it ever comes to the point where it’s my only source of income I want to have the experience to be able to do it and do it well.

So you are self motivated.
I am very self motivated. Yes but I don’t make enough time for fun or for family. I spend so much time working and making money. I want to set myself up for the future, but I need to have a little fun as well as work and save.

At the NightMoves Caravans you performed on stage. Was that the first time?
It was a feature dance tour and we went to a couple of different clubs. The first time I was on stage was the first time I ever stepped foot in a strip club. I never danced, never been on stage, never performed in front of a bunch of people, so the first time I had ever been in a trip club I got on stage and performed. It was so much fun! I am so thankful for Sophie Ryan because she went on stage with me and that is what saved me. If she hadn’t gone on with me I would have panicked. She helped me and walked me thru.

Do you have any interest in feature dancing?
I would love to feature dance but I want to wait until I’m 21. I might do some house dancing to get some experience. When I film and in front of a camera I’m fine but to get on stage in front of a lot of people I panic so I want a drink to calm me down.

Lets talk about sex.
I’m an open book.

Dominant? Submissive?
I’m very dominant in my personal life so sexually I want someone to dominate me. Does that make sense?

What’s your favorite position.
My favorite position is 100% defined by the size of the guy’s penis. I know that’s not the answer the fans want to hear but it’s the truth. Let’d say doggie, if the guy has a really big dick it hurts so it’s not my favorite if the guy has a really big dick but if he has an average dick it’s good. If he has a big dick then missionary. Riding is never my favorite.

Oral sex?
I like it giving but not getting. It’s not that I don’t like receiving, It’s not my favorite. I get bored. It’s like OK this is cool give me your penis now.

Sex with women?
Oh my god, I love girls. Oh my god you are so cute, let me love you.

When was the first time you had sex with a girl?
It was on a webcam show. I had a girl/girl booked and I had never done this before. I thought what if I look like an idiot, so I did it on a webcam and then Pay for Play and now I’d rather have sex with a girl on camera. Not that i don’t like having sex with guys, but I definitely like having sex with girls.

Do you masturbate? How often?
Not really. I’m always sexually satisfied. I’ll masturbate more for work then for my own enjoyment.

Favorite sex toy? Why?
BUTT PLUG because I️ really like stuff in my butt 🙂

Do you watch your own porn?
Always, for instructional purposes.

Now let’s do some random questions. First thing you do when you wake up?
Make coffee. No exceptions.

What’s for breakfast?
Chocolate banana protein shake with almond butter.

Are you a day or night person?
I’m absolutely obsessed with the sunshine. Day person for sure.

Are you an Inside type or outdoors, nature loving?
Outdoors for suuuuuure.

They’re so fun to play, I’m insanely competitive but I’m not going to watch them on tv.

Workout routine if you have one?
Everyday is leg day. Sometimes I’ll throw some abs in there.

Best time for sex?
Anytime after I’ve had a reasonable amount of caffeine.

Last thing you do before sleep?
Brush my teeth and wash my face!

Height, weight, measurements. Astrological sign.
4’11 sent from heaven. 110 pounds. 32b breast, 25 waist 32 hips. Capricorn

Your favorite and least favorite body part?
Favorite – Boooooooooty. Least – Thighs

Turn ons?
A smart man who can make me laugh. Nothing sexier.

What turns you off?
Cockiness, bad hygiene, awkward conversation, judgmental people. I’m turned on by emotional connections so any of those things will immediately make me not want to fuck you, no matter how physically hot you are.

Describe your ideal lover.
My ideal lover is someone who can always make me laugh and smile. Someone who challenges me everyday to be better and who supports me in whatever adventure life takes me on. I’m full of energy and life and I’d need a man who can keep up and still challenge me.

What’s a romantic night?
Any night I’d get to spend with someone I’m romantically interested in. Bubble bath, watching movies, getting dinner. Doesn’t really matter. With the right person, anything can feel romantic.

Dress to kill or causual?
Casual 110%.

Fan of lingerie?

Music you listen to?
My playlist has a little bit of everything. R&B, pop, rap, country.

Favorite musicians?
Post Malone, Russ, Kanye West, SZA, Halsey, G-Eazy

Favorite TV shows?
Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite recent movies?
Me Before You and Why Him

Favorite mainstream actor and actress?
Will Ferrell, James Franco, Anna Kendrick.

Favorite porn stars?
Kissa Sins is someone who I’ve looked up to even before we met. I’m lucky enough to call her one of my great friends and I’m blessed to be able to laugh with her and learn from her and kiss her perfect face!!

Favorite color?

Favorite foods?
Pizza is hands down my favorite.

Places you would like to visit?
I️ want to plan a Europe vacation!

Top thing on your bucket list?

Something we would never guess about you.
I’m 100% afraid of the dark and sleep with night lights.

If you were not doing porn as a career, what would you be doing?
A nanny for kids wit special needs.

Are you gong to AVN this year?
I’m very excited. I’m hoping to get nominations. I’m working with a designer to have my dress custom made. I’m going to go over the top for AVN.

List your social media -Twitter,Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Twitter @aubreysinxxx Instagram @officialaubreysinclair

Message to fans.
Thank you so much for always supporting me. Your love and kind words do not go unnoticed. Without you, I’m not sure I’d have a career. You’ve given me so much motivation to be the best because you all deserve everything I️ have to give. Thank you for always loving me and for allowing me to do what I’m so passionate about. I adore you.

Missy Martinez Xcitement Magazine Interview

Missy Martinez is one of the funniest women in porn. She is a talented feature entertainer who is busy touring the country making men swoon. In our interview we talk about her successful porn career, her lively feature dancing routines and about Los Angeles and her daily routine. It’s a great read. Be prepared to laugh!

We see you are featuring this weekend at the Detroit Hustler Club, so let’s start our interview there. How long have you been feature dancing?
Three glorious years

How often do you perform?
It can vary based on the month, but a minimum of once every few weeks seems to be the average. My knees need rest.

Tell us about your shows, your costumes, the music you dance to and in general what the customers can expect.
I love pageantry and showmanship, so I always try and debut a new costume each time I feature. My costumes range from the classic schoolgirl to an elaborate furry unicorn costume and everything in between. My music is usually a mix of upbeat hip hop and dubstep. When I’m on stage, I’m 100% crowd interaction. Pulling people up for on stage lapdances and LOTS of boobs in the face!

Do you let the house girls join in your shows if they choose too?
Absolutely! I always love when the house dancers get into it and want to get naughty with me. It’s the best of both worlds!

What makes dancing in front of a live audience special?
No matter how bad of a day someone is having, the second you shake your ass in his/her face, the BIGGEST smile appears. It’s priceless

How do you unwind after you leave the club?
A looooooonnnnnnnngggg bath

Who’s your feature dancing agent?
I’m with Centerfold Strips and couldn’t be happier!

Going back to the beginning now. We see you area genuine Southern California girl. That’s not common in the LA adult industry so that makes you special.
I’m basically Bigfoot with implants

You were home educated rather than high school? How did that come about?
I had health issues as a child so I was absent more and more. It was the most logical choice for my situation. As a kid, it was cool being able to take a spelling test in a Hello Kitty bathrobe.

People would assume that since your name is Martinez that you are a full blooded Latina, but you’re not.
What’s the mix? What did you inherit from each parent? I’m Mexican, Greek and Native America (dad) and German (mom)

You are a college grad? What did you study? Why didn’t you pursue a field in that career instead of adult?
My degree is in Administration Of Justice with a minor in Biology and I’m also completing my Real Estate License. When I’m all done being naked (hopefully not for quite a while) I’ll put clothes on and put my knowledge to use

How old were you when you lost your virginity? Do you remember the details of that night?
I lost it in my late teens, it was god awful and I’m surprised I ever had sex again

What was your first introduction to porn?
A boyfriend popped in a VHS (yes, a VHS tape) and I don’t remember who was in it but I remember it was an all girl scene

How did you break into film?
I went to a convention as a fan ages ago and people kept coming up to me asking for pictures. They assumed I was a performer since I had big boobs and was wearing a dress. It got my wheels turning, I looked into it and 8 years later I’m still here!

Your first scene was for Digital Playground – that’s starting right at the top! Do you recall your first time on camera? What did you do and with who?
It was for Kay Brandt’s “Cherry” series. It was such a fun and surreal experience. I was in a group lesbian scene with Zoey Holloway , Diamond Fox and Brooklyn Lee. It actually ended up winning an AVN award!

At first you just did girl/girl. How long did that last? What were some of your favorites girl/girl scenes?
I did GG exclusively for the first 3 years. It was a way to ease myself into the industry instead of jumping head first. One of my absolute favorite GG scenes is my “Hot and Mean” with Phoenix Marie for Brazzers. It was also my first lesbian anal scene!

Eventually you moved on to boy/girl. Why?
I was ready physically and mentally for it. It was the next step in my careers trajectory. I was SO nervous my first BG scene and then I remembered I’m not a virgin and the rest came naturally

So do you prefer sex with men or women?
Don’t make me choose! Let’s split the difference and settle for a 3some!

Are the orgasms really different depending on whether its girl/girl or boy/girl?
I haven’t noticed a difference, now I’m going to start paying attention to it more!

They say women eat pussy better than men. Do you agree and why?
The plus side of women eating pussy is (hopefully) no facial hair stubble! Nothing can ruin getting eaten out quicker than sandpaper on your vadge

Tell us about your boobs, please.
I call them my “personality”

Do you like men to cum on your boobs?
That’s what they are there for! Pretty please!

You’ve won many awards, what was the most meaningful?
My AVN my first year in still means the world to me.

What was the best scene you ever did. Tell us why with the details.
My 1 and only DP ! It was for my Adult Empire Showcase movie “Missy Martinez Fucked Ra” It was so intense, passionate and outrageously fun. If you watch one scene of mine, I recommend that one.

We see you are working with Brett Rossi now. She was on our cover just recently.
Tell us about the project. She just directed Abella Danger and I in a lesbian BDSM scene for Deviant Entertainment titled “School Girl Massacre” Rough, passionate sex, dungeon background and toe curling orgasms!

“My Girlfriends Hot Mom” is about to be released. Could you tell us about that.
I had a blast shooting that scene! In an effort to “keep quiet” I stuffed a variety of odd objects in my mouth during the scene. It’s definitely a must watch!

Several adult stars have given up films for internet only scenes. What are your thoughts on that? Is that the future of the industry?                           It definitely seems that the industry is being steered to “internet only” more and more. That’s why it’s important now more than ever to PAY FOR YOUR PORN to ensure quality content with your favorite performers

How about sex toys? What’s a “Missy Martinez Pocket Pussy” and where can we buy one?
It’s an exact replica of my vagina from Doc Johnson! To be honest, it’s better than the real thing! You can grab it at

What’s you favorite device for masturbation?
My hitachi!

Social media – love it or hate it? How much of your day does it take up. Your twitter is incredibly active. It says you have 87,000 tweets!
I have a love/hate relationship with twitter. It’s a great tool for fan interaction and promotion. Usually I just use it to post pics of my anus or make fun of celebrities

What’s on your website.
My website is all solo and GG! I’m moving all my content over to Many Vids and have been uploading scenes weekly (while filming new content)

Let’s talk about Los Angeles. A friend comes out to visit for the first time where would you go for the day? Then for a night out?
Definitely the Santa Monica Pier. It’s an iconic California attraction. Sun, bikinis, crazy street performers and the occasional seal! Perfect for day or night

Best beaches in the LA Area?
Venice is always fun (and occasionally disturbing)

Best clubs, nightclubs?
The Comedy Store on Sunset!

Best tacos in LA?
In my kitchen!

Best pizza in LA?
I never met a pizza I didn’t like

LA sports teams? Lakers or Clippers? Dodgers or Angels? UCLA or Southern Cal?
Lakers and USC Trojans! Fight on!

Do you drive? We’ve driven the LA freeways. Believe it or not Miami is worse, more dangerous anyway!
The FOULEST things come out of my mouth when I drive, I could make a sailor blush. I love driving, preferably NOT in traffic

And some short questions about you. Day person or night?

First thing when you wake up?

What’s for breakfast?

Exercise routine?
Cardio, weights, abs, stretch

Closet full of clothes and shoes?
And dildos

Favorite TV shows?
Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Rick and Morty and Frasier

Best movie you saw recently?
Logan. Love their interpretation of the Old Man Logan comic book

Music you are listening to?
2Chainz new album “Pretty girls like trap music”

Favorite mainstream actor or actress?
Jake Gyllenhaal can stuff his balls in my ass any day

If you could star in a mainstream movie what would be your role or character?
I’d love to play an “Aeon Flux” type character.

Favorite color?
Neon yellow

Your astrological sign?

Dog, cat and a chinchilla

Surprise us with something!
I was a finalist on Jeopardy Kids

What’s on your calendar for the remainder of the year?
Lots of dance dates and upcoming shoots!

Anything you wish to ad?
Thank you so much! I love you guys

Read the Joanna Angel Xcitement Interview

Joanna Angel is the self described “Punk Rock Queen of Porn.” She is also a successful business woman and one of the leading figures in the industry. Our interview concentrates on her company Burning Angel. It’s a fascinating read.
Let’s start off with your student days at Rutgers University. 
Was your major in Journalism? English? Film?
Ha! I graduated from college 15 years ago so it feels strange to think that far back. But I majored in English Literature and I minored in Cinema Studies.
And you were supporting yourself as a waitress?
I was a waitress for a few years, I also worked at the dining hall on the line as a lunch lady for a year (seriously I wore a hear net!!) and I worked as a receptionist at a hair salon that also doubled as a piercing place for a while too. I had a bunch of random part time jobs much like any other college student!
What got you interested in porn?
Thinking back to where my brain was in 2001 is a stretch- but honestly I didn’t want a “normal” 9 – 5 job, I didn’t want to wear a suit every day, and I liked the idea of doing something that was frowned upon by society. I knew nothing about porn, or the porn industry and truthfully I had never even watched a porn. I was intrigued, and I wanted to start my own thing… whatever it was. (I am sitting at a disk right now as I type this interview and I wore a suit in the porn I did the other day so I am not sure how much I succeeded in the not wear a suit not sit at a desk goal! )
The Suicide Girls and Burning Angel came along at about the same time.  Your website was launched in 2002. What was your motivation and inspiration?  What was on the first versions of your web?
The day my website launched I remember a friend emailing me and saying, “Hey- did you know there’s another website like yours have you seen this?” and it was a link to Suicide Girls. I think it had been live for a month or two at that point. No one believes me when I say that; people to this day think I copied them but that is the truth. Apparently there were two perverts on two opposing coasts who thought putting tattooed punk girls naked on the internet was a good idea! But Suicide Girls was a much more polished and professional version of BurningAngel, and some of the technology on there was pretty advanced for the time. The design and the functionality of BurningAngel in it’s very early stages was nothing to brag about, but what it did have was a lot of personality.
   In a nutshell, I had many different motivations for starting BurningAngel but I would say the main one was that I really wanted to start something myself- not have to answer to anyone else…. and to create comfortable place for girls like me to express themselves.
   The very first version of BurningAngel launched on April 20, 2002 and had 5 different photosets of girls- yes, photos. There was no video, literally just a set of about 50 – 60 photos of myself and 5 other girls. One of those girls was Dana Dearmond! I actually remember that I left my thong on because I was uncomfortable showing my vagina. That was really a different lifetime ago. There was also a band interview, and I also put up some “erotic story” I wrote in one of my writing classes. My thinking was like- it’s like Playboy magazine! But it’s Punk! There’s stuff to read and then boobs to look at.
There was nothing like Burning Angel. It was a family of what came to be know as “Alt” as in “Alt-Rock” in music and because of you “Alt-Porn.” I don’t recall seeing tattooed models who looked like real people in porn before Burning Angel, am I correct? 
I am not sure what was in porn before BurningAngel because I didn’t keep up with the industry or watch porn. I don’t need to take credit for being the first… I would rather take credit for being the best! Haha.
At that time Vivid and Wicked Video with the “beautiful” people dominated the upper end of porn. Burning Angel was sophisticated porn for the rest of us…   Could we call your first films “punk?”
Well beauty is not just one thing!!! But yes definitely. The punk scene encompassed my entire life. It was where I grew up, where I was raised and where all my ideals and thoughts came from. The entire way I ran my “business” (I put that in quotes because it was barely a business at that time) the girls in the early films, and all the creative energy I had came from something or someone “punk.”
Who were the original Angels?
Kylee Kross was definitely the first original “Angel”. Her presence was incredibly important to BurningAngel, it’s growth and its personality.
When I saw the video Joanna’s Angels I was hooked.  I actually went back and watched it over and over for the story! Did you write the script, dialogue? Do the casting? 
Thank you very much- I think that will always be one of my favorite movies. I did write the script and do the casting. I feel like — just about everyone in New York City helped me make that movie. It was a real collaborative effort of everyone I knew pitching in and helping me create something. You’re making me so nostalgic by bringing it up!
For the readers that never saw the video or the sequels, could you give us a synopsis of the plots. 
Oh my god. They were very loose parodies of Charlie’s Angels… I guess. The overriding “plot” was that me and my angels got hired to solve really ridiculous problems. I had so much pride in living in New York at the time when I made Joanna’s Angels 1, I always told myself I would never move to Los Angeles and be part of the porn machine out there- so the “plot” of that movie is that everyone in New York wanted to move to LA and me and my angels had to stop them. And then we don’t actually do anything to solve the problem- we make our friend Tommy Pistol do all the work and then we take all the credit. And then there’s a bunch of other bizarre shit that happens in between. It was a lot of fun– and it was also Tommy Pistols first big role.
Any chance of another sequel to Joanna’s Angels?
Now that I am doing this interview you’re getting me to think that would be a good idea! hahaha. You got the gears turning in my head.
That was your second DVD though, The first was the movie. Could you tell us about that one?
Yes! You are correct. Actually I can’t remember if Re-Penetrator was my second or third DVD.. but yes, those were my first few movies.… the website, became pretty well known for having band interviews… and porn. It was our thing, we always had one foot in the porn industry and one for in the music industry. I really tried to be… or pretended to be … a legit music journalist. I spent a lot of time organizing interviews with bands at various festivals, concerts, shows, etc.
   So in our very first DVD we had interviews with bands, and sex scenes that kind of sort of looked like music videos in the beginning. I thought I was being very clever with the title “– The Movie” — like it was a website that just became a movie… with the sex and the band interviews. I don’t know. It made sense in my brain!
   There’s some pretty big time interviews in that DVD when I think back on it. Like – My Chemical Romance was in it, and Lamb of God was in it… and Dillinger Escape Plan. My Chemical Romance and Dillinger were both bands from New Jersey I saw so many time when I was younger… in very small venues and VFW halls. I think at the time they were like “sure Joanna we will help you out and be in this little silly DVD thing you’re making.” haha. I don’t think anyone thought I could actually get this thing off the ground- including myself! It took me about an entire year to make that movie! Between trying to find talent… filming band interviews with the sound off, filming amateur guys that couldn’t get their dicks hard, etc. I didn’t know that out in Los Angeles, porn agencies existed, I laugh when I think of how clueless I was! I honestly didn’t even know there was a whole world of male talent. I just assumed every girl in porn brought some guy to set they liked having sex with. I didn’t know anything- I lived in my own unique bubble in NYC… and there was no twitter, or Instagram at the time that gave you the ability to reach out to anyone and find out anything. My accidental ignorance was bliss because it forced me to put out a product that was unique- and it led me to discover Tommy Pistol! Me and him both did out first scenes – together- in the movie. He was introduced to me through a friend of a friend when I was looking for my perfect scene partner. In most instances a first time girl is put with an experienced guy in their first scenes. Me and Tommy both did our first scene together. We will always be porn brother and sister and have a unique bond because of it.
Joanna’s Angels was released in 2005 by VCA.  At that time VCA was on the third volume of Kill Girl Kill which would have made a natural fit for your brand.  Did you approach VCA or did they contact you? How did it come about?
So I have to clarify here Kill Girl Kill was made by Eon Mckai. I always identified myself and my brand as “punk porn”- Eon was the one to really start embracing/ exploiting the term “alt porn”. It only made sense for me to go along with it because I didn’t really have a category I fit into. I had reached out to Eon on Myspace at some point, I was still living in New York – he eventually introduced me to the people at VCA when they were actively looking for more “Alt” directors.
After VCA, what came next?
I have really just been building and focusing on BurningAngel! That’s it!
Cum on My Tattoo is a long running series. How many volumes are you up to?  The concept been imitated by many studios but I believe you were the original?
I don’t know if anyone is foolish enough to want to copy my concept of jizzing on like, an elbow or a shoulder. Ha! But yes every studio seems to have their own “Inked” line …. somebody please throw me down the stairs or bury me alive if I ever use the word “Ink” referring to anything but a pen.
   Imitation to me is the highest form of flattery and it keeps me on my toes. Once I see someone copy me I’m like… ok… I just have to get better what I do so I can stay on top. I spent a long time in the industry getting spoiled with absolutely no competition at all …. when all the studios starting making their own “alt” or “tattoo” things it was a bit intimidating at first. I am after all a very small studio and I was nervous I wouldn’t afford to keep up. But I’m still here today so clearly I did something kind of right?
   I know that at this point having tattooed girls isn’t enough to be a brand. There’s tattooed girls on almost every website now- so I hope that now BurningAngel has it’s own fans not just because of the style of girl, but because of our style of filming, our personality, the intensity of our sex scenes and our sense of humor. The tattoos and the alternative culture is still there but it’s secondary at this point.
Rock and Roll In My Butthole, love the title!  Your brand in known for hot anal scenes…
   Thank you. I had no idea how much I loved anal sex until I got into porn. I did anal in my very first sex scene- I dunno… girls look hot with things in their butts! Hahaha…. seriously, they do. I think tattoos and anal sex kind of just go hand in hand. Like peanut butter and jelly! But there’s lots of scenes on BurningAngel without any anal sex in them…. that are also wonderful. Don’t ignore the vaginas! We need them to.
One of your best known titles is The Walking Dead, A Hard Core Parody…
   That was a really fun and challenging movie to make! But I think it’s the best known title because it’s a parody of the most popular TV show. I can’t take much credit for the success of that because it was parodying something already incredibly successful. Tommy Pistol was the one who pressured me to do that movie- at first I thought it would be impossible…. between all the effects and the stunts and massive amount of zombies that needed to be involved, I thought we were way over our heads. But Tommy is so creative and ambitious he really made it happen.
Most recently Jew’s Love Black Cock. What’s the story line?
   I LOVE this movie- I grew up as a very religious Jew, and my entire family is … well they are really Jewish. Jews Love Black Cock is a very loose parody of Fiddler on the Roof, a movie/play my parents made me watch about 10 thousand times growing up. In the movie I play a very well known matchmaker, and a Rabbi hired me to marry off his oldest three daughters to rich Jewish men… however… they disobey me and fall in love with black cock instead. Then of course by the end of the movie I decide to indulge in some black cock myself. All the girls in the movie are 100% Jewish, and it was truly an honor to get to work with the legendary Mandingo.
Who were some of the most memorable Angels?
   Well every Angel is memorable to me but-if I had to write about about the history of BurningAngel,  Kylee Kross and Jessie Lee – their images, their bodies and their look, really made a big difference in the company. They really set the tone and the brand for what BurningAngel is – even more than my own image did.
And the guys?
   Tommy Pistol of course will always and forever be the most important Angel- male or female! And Brian Street Team! Even though he doesn’t do porn anymore the movies we made together will always be remembered and he really was just a fun punk guy hanging out in porn. He wan’t at all by any stretch of the imagination a typical porn guy. And now Small Hands and Xander Corvus are the popular punk cocks on BurningAngel- and even though he doesn’t exactly make much sense with what most people think our brand is all about but I would like to also give Steve Holmes an honorable mention here because he’s just amazing!
Burning Angel has won lots of awards. What were the most meaningful?
   They are all meaningful! But My very first award was probably the most meaningful. For more outrageous sex scene – me and Tommy Pistol won it together…. for the movie Re-Penetrator.  It was such a shock to win an award my first year at AVN, from a movie I produced myself with just a few thousand dollars and it beat so many other incredibly large scale productions. Lots of people say the AVN awards are rigged or fixed- I always bring up the fact that I won an award when I was a nobody- my first year of putting out DVDs, I never bought any ads or kissed any ass, I lived in New York and didn’t know whose ass I was supposed to kiss. I will always be forever thankful for that honor and it was a milestone in the companies history.
Are all you films are available at the store?
Yes! They are!
Is a next release in the works?
Yes- I’m always working on new things. I put out two movies every single month! But now I think I should stop everything I am doing and write the next Joanna’s Angels.
What’s on the website today? Membership? Benefits to joining?
All of my content is on BurningAngel. There’s so many beautiful girls on there- from very well known porn stars to girls you have never heard of before. It’s updated regularly, the quality is great…. and well… if people stop joining I can’t keep making porn. So if that’s not enough of a benefit then I just don’t know what to tell you! hahaha
How does a woman become one of your angels?
Tweet me sexy full body photos bikini photos. @JoannaAngel. Oh yeah… and be awesome. That’s it!  Hahaha Thank you so so much! This is a great interview!
Joanna Angel
Punk Rock Porno Princess!

Kagney Linn Karter Interview

Gorgeous blonde, Kagney Linn Karter got her start as a house dancer in Missouri and was soon crowned the state’s Déjà Vu Showgirl of the Year in 2007. She then moved to California to pursue an acting and singing career. While continuing to dance in California, she eventually got into modeling and, after signing with the agency LA Direct Models, Kagney entered the adult film industry in 2008. Her career immediately took off. Kagney’s first scene was with Johnny Sins for Naughty America and she made the cover of New Sensations’ “She’s Got Boobs!” In 2009, she was chosen as the June Penthouse Pet of the Month, and appeared on the covers of Hustler in April and Adult Video News in June. They following year she was awarded “Best New Starlet” by AVN. Kagney has been on the Xcitement cover one previous time in May 2010. We welcome her back.

Let’s start off with dancing. You got your start house dancing with Deja Vu?
I just walked into a strip club, said, “I need a job,” and they hired me. That was about 12 years ago. I never looked bak.

Do you have any advice for young women just starting out house dancing?
Yes. Save your money! Do something positive with your money and have a constant feeling about it.

Have you seen many changes in clubs?
I see more clubs starting to get spinning poles. That’s where the fun’s at! If you don’t have a spinning pole, get with the program, it’s 2017! When I started out it was good. It’s ok now but there are all these lawsuits. It’s kind of tight with the dancer today. They are making it difficult for people to make money. In some places the liquor laws have gotten weird. Some of the clubs have tight rules and you have to be careful not to step on anybodies toes. It’s all about adapting. You have to find ways to adapt.

Today you are a sought out Feature Dancer. What can fans expect at you stage shows?
I don’t do things fancy smancy. I don’t do fire but I do pole tricks. I love to get close and personal with the audience because the guys like that. And I like to make contact. I like to do games like “Rides for Five” and “Kooterball.” I get the audience invloved so that they are part of the show. That’s really what I like.

Do you have many costumes?
I like to dress in black. I have black leather, black patent leather, gun metal colors. I have different belts that I wear too.

You were just at Sapphires in New York City.
I love that club. It’s a great club and the DJ is really cool. Sapphires has me out about two or three times a year. It’s always a really good crowd where you make money. It fills up, the guys show up, they like to see the girls and they spend money. It’s fun and it all makes sense.

Do you like travel?
Yes I do. I like to get out in the day, sometimes walk around, but if it’s a short trip I might just rest up.

I have that down. I get in the seat, get comfortable and start napping. I wake up and we’re there!

You are one of the prettiest adult stars – but I guess you hear that all the time!
Oh my gosh, stop it. Thank you.

And you also have fantastic boobs…
Yes, they are holding up.

Do you mind when the guys stare at your boobs when they talk to you?
I was kind of young when I got them and I love them. I got to be myself. I could never take my boobs off because that wouldn’t be me either. I’ve got to keep them now, they make me money and they are beautiful. Yes, I’m happy to have people stare at them because it was my choice to get them.

I’m not sure which I like better – you face or your boobs, I don’t know!
Well that’s a compliment, thank you.

OK, so what’s you favorite body part?
I would say my face. I’m fortunate to have a beautiful face and great teeth.

Do you have a least favorite?
Oh no, I like all of me.

You transitioned from dancing to film, how did that come about?
From dance, I kind of just added the filming. It was just an easy transitition, alright, OK, what’s the next move? Let’s make some films here and make a make a name for myself. I tried that and that worked out.

Do you recall your first time in front of the camera?
Oh my gosh. I was just natural. I’ve always been comfortable with myself. At that point I was just ready to go. I’m probably more uncomfortable now than then. I wanted to get as much attention as I could possibly get and I wanted to get my name out. I wanted to make as much money as I could and break into the industry.

You were an immediate sensation, winning Best New Starlett in 2010. That was fast.
That was great, yes. It was awesome. It was seven years ago now. That was cool.

In 2012 you won and Urban X award for “Best Anal”. Can you tell us about that?
It was an interracial scene. I was never shy. I like having anal, I like having sex on camera. I like having sex in general. I’m good at it. When I get on set to work I don’t make demands, I don’t just look at the money. I put that all aside and just enjoy myself, I don’t have a boy friend. I do like to have an orgasm and that could why my scenes win awards because they are real.

And you you won an AVN Fans Award for “Best Boobs.”
Yes that was in 2014. The fans vote, they cast their votes, I got the most votes so I won that award. It’s different because it’s from the fans perspective and they chose me.

Today the world revolves around social media, do you love it? hate it?
It’s a good way to promote and network. It’s a means of making extra money. With the adult industry you are just putting yourself out there in more of a naked way. It’s not a love or hate thing. I just kind of move on with my ins and outs on that. In one sense I am an adult actress who takes of my clothes and gives people orgasms. Sometimes its a little bit difficult to get respect from fans as they don’t always understand that. You need to take that professionally so It’s always been a challenge to get people to understand that it’s a business. It’s something they can never have. It’s something they just can’t get. It’s giving an orgasm in a non-contact situation and that’s really difficult. You always have to be professional and project the proper image. The challenge is to keep a professional standpoint in a business that always isn’t so professional.

How often do you shoot new scenes? How often do you film?
I film two or three times a month, maybe more. maybe less. Sometimes I’ll shoot as much as ten scenes in a short period of time and then others will shoot much less.

You’ve filmed for almost every major studio in the business, right?
Yes I shoot with everyone. I don’t like to be restricted.

Let’s talk about some recent releases. Evil Angel,”Rectal Workout #3″ with Michael Adriano.
That’s the most recent anal scene that I did. It’s a great anal scene with some gaping involved. It’s all anal, no vaginal at all. It’s a sexy scene. I really enjoyed it and I’m sure the viewers will too. It’s only been out a month and they are eating it up already.

Team Skeet, “Dyked.”
Oh yes, That was the most recent girl girl scene I did. It was real sexy. Her name was Eliza, a real cutie. She was so sweet, such a sweetheart. I was the older one and she was the younger one. I was the more dominant one. We had a real fun time doing a lesbian scene.

“Plump Pantyhose” with Brazzers
Yes Jules Jordan. Some gaping, squirting, anal and for the guys who like pantyhose there’s a ripped pantyhose scene.

How do you like you sex, do you have a favorite position?
I like whatever position I’m doing. I used to like what made me cum, but as I like so much sex. I like every position. I can get comfortable enough to have a climax in any position at this point. Yes I really enjoy it all.

Do you prefer one on one or threesomes and gangbangs?
I do like one on one. But I do like my DPs, DPs are fun. I’m not a DP person all the time, but when I do get my DP scene, I get very excited. I do prefer one on one because it’s easiest to put all my attention on one person. When you are dividing it up, you don’t know where the energy is going to go. The main part of having sex is to not having awkwardness, it’s to flow easy. I have great threesome too.

And now for some random questions. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
I brush my teeth, I get dressed.

What’s for breakfast?

Are you a day person or a night person?
I’m a day walker.

Indoors or outside?
I like outside.

Do you like the beach?
Love the beach!

What’s the best beach in LA area?
It’s going to be Malibu.

Favorite way to relax?
Netflix for sure.

Work out?
I go to a pole gym. I take pole dancing lessons there. And I love it, it’s like the best workout ever. I also workout at home.

LA traffic?
I fly (laughs)! I can’t stand it. I hate it, but I don’t get caught up in it too much.

A friend comes to LA for the first time, where would you take them?
I would take them to the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Boardwalk.

At night to go clubbing?
I don’t do the club scene much anymore, but I would say Hollywood.

Someplace you would like to go that you haven’t been?

Favorite recent movie?
Guardians of the Galaxy!!! It was so good. You are going to love it. I had to go back and see the first one.

You study acting. What roles would you like to play?
I would like to play a comic character or a superhero or an outlaw.

Taste in music.
I like Indie pop a lot.

Favorite foods?
I like everything. I love barbecue, sushi.

Favorite clothes.
I like to feel comfortable, so soft cloth, anything soft.

Favorite color.
Bright colors. Pink and purple and navy blue and turquois. Glitter! I love glitter.

Whats on the schedule for summer?
Shooting. I’m actually going to school right now so I’m trying to do that.

Upcoming feature events?
June 20 Sapphire Uptown
July 21 Hustler San Francisco 15th Annivesary
July 22 Sapphire Las Vegas

Anything to add?
I want to thank everyone. Enjoy my work. And thank you very much for calling and having an interview wirh me.
Twitter @kagneynecessary
Instagram @whoisnecessary

Kagney is represented exclusively by the Lee Network
Photos courtesy Lee Network
Interview Richard Kent

Alexis Monroe Interview

Looking back three years ago to the March 2014 Xcitement Magazine cover, Alexis Monroe looked fantastic with her blonde hair and wearing a neon lime green fishnet mini dress. Looking at the new photos the Lee Network sent us for the May 2017 cover she looks as fantastic as ever. This Michigan born and raised, mid-western beauty is one of top names in adult entertainment with a prominent internet and social media presence. She keeps herself busy both feature dancing, making personal appearances and posting new scenes for her web site. Alexis loves to interact with her fans so check out her social media. When we did our interview, Alexis was relaxing in Mexico!

Welcome back. We are honored to have you on the cover again. There’s a lot of catching up to do!
Hey there! We do have a TON to catch up on.

When you did the last interview you were living in Las Vegas and driving to Los Angeles. Where do you live now?
So I currently still live in Las Vegas, and absolutely love it still. I travel a lot for feature dancing and I occasionally go to LA to shoot. I love living in Las Vegas for so many reasons. First of all I hate snow, so for me Vegas is a great place to live because it’s very warm most of the year. I also enjoy the fact that I can get any type of food at any time, and the entertainment is great. I love the shows, the diners with friends, the nature… I could go on all day haha.

We saw on twitter you were just down in Mexico enjoying the sunshine. What took you to Mexico?
I am still currently in Mexico actually haha! Nothing specific brought me here aside from I love the beaches, tequila, and tacos. I usually come to Mexico once a year so it isn’t out of the norm for me. I did however shoot some great stuff for my website while I was here and I think my fans will love it!

Bring us up to date with your life, tell us about the the major events.
Life update: Well I feel like a lot has changed but major things for me I suppose would be I became a mom. I have a beautiful son and he has brought so much joy to my life! This was also the reason I took a little break from the adult biz 😉 but after having my baby I realized what I have been so wonderful in helping me expand my brand and further my career. I also joined with Bella Pass Network to launch my website which has been so much fun! I really love where I am heading with work! I feel spoiled that I get paid to have so much fun…. and sex!


Last time we did an interview you had been in the industry less than two
years and had already filmed a lot of scenes. You must have an incredible catalog by now. Who are some of the favorite people you worked with?
I’ve been working with a lot of really great talent lately it’s so hard to pick favorites!

The industry has changed some. We see many internet only scenes today. What’s the incentive to do web only as opposed to the standard films?
I feel the internet scenes are definitely taking over this industry because honestly.. .when was the last time you went to the store and rented or bought a dvd? It’s kind of a dying thing.. like vhs. I think as an industry we have realized this which is why bigger companies like Naughty America and Brazzers do internet porn updates. It’s also why we do our own websites. Its the best place for our fans to support us, our careers, and really see us grow and experience sexuality in our own place. I love having my website because my fans can write in and tell me exactly what they want to see. which I think is amazing! If I think it’s possible I always try to film their requests! I really enjoy being able to give them what they want while I’m having so much fun doing it!

We see you on the Sins Life Tour with Johnny and Kissa Sins doing a threesome. Tell us about them and the episode.
I did work with Johnny and Kissa!! BEST SCENE EVER! They make for a dangerous combo because they are both so attractive and sexual! I had the best time shooting with them and can not wait for many more shoots to come!

Social media is essential today. We see you on Twitter and Instagram. How much time do you spend each day on social media.
I think social media is a HUGE part of keeping up with our fans and business. I spend a lot more time on social media than I should but it’s because I take pride in answer questions, selling panties and custom videos, and hearing what people have to say… of course I don’t answer all of them because they sometimes send dick pictures, or rude comments which result in either being deleted or blocked..

What do you think about guys that send dick pictures?
I’ll never understand the logic behind sending dick pictures… like if I asked you for ones sure send away… but to just message away and ask me what i think?!? I think I’ll just delete your message and move on. Thankfully most of my followers are very respectful.

You have an an adult (pay) Snapchat. What do fans get for joining?
SNAPCHAT! I have been loving using Snapchat, I run a paid Snapchat because I give my followers daily nudes, they are the first to see updates being filmed for my website, any new scenes I’m shooting, they get selfies, sex clips, funny stuff… but they basically pay to be behind the scenes of my daily life. Some people don’t want a monthly membership so this gives them a way to see up to date content by only paying a small one time fee. Same for my custom videos, they tell me what they want and have the opportunity to ” direct” their own scene essentially.

Now about filthy panties! How does one get a pair of yours?
Panties! My fans have the ability to buy a little piece of me and my smell 😉 haha. I wear the panties for them, put them in a ziplock bag and mail them out so they can enjoy them! It’s been fun for me to take sexy photos in them and send them knowing the person receiving them is going to feel like it’s Christmas when they open it!

Continuing with your Twitter posts. We see one looking for butt plug recommendations. Why were you looking for butt plugs?
I am filming a custom video with a butt plug and since I don’t personally ever use them i asked to see what people love! I have some to try out when I get back to vegas! I am excited!

In our prior interview you were excited about filming your first DP. Have you done any recently? And if so, with who?
I do still enjoy DP’s, my latest was with Pierre Woodman and Ricky Mancini and I am also excited for a future DP project coming very soon!

Now let’s backtrack to the beginning, growing up in a small city on Lake Michigan seems to us an unlikely road to porn stardom. First about Muskegon, it has some of the worst winter weather in the USA with all that lake effect snow. What was life like there?
I enjoyed having four seasons in Michigan but ultimately I needed a change and out grew my home town.

You were an athlete in high school?
I was an athlete my entire life. I have experimented with different sports and fitness. It”s one of my many passions in life.

How old were you when you left Michigan?
I left Michigan at 20 for a few months, returned and moved away at 21 for good.

You also feature dance from coast to coast, where have you been recently?
Recently i have feature danced in Boston, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Hollywood! Every club was amazing and exciting because I have a great fan base in these cities!

Tell us about your feature shows and costumes.
I have a closet full of costumes.. i wear whatever my mood calls for, if I’m feeling sassy i might wear a dominatrix outfit, or a cop costume, if I’m feeling sexy I may dress up as a school girl, or maid, I have about 15 costumes I rotate on the road and recently have gotten a few sent to me from my amazon wishlist that I am excited to wear!

A couple of Las Vegas questions – Favorite restaurants on and off the strip?
Favorite restaurant in Vegas would be Oyshi Sushi, or Voodoo in the Rio for on the strip.

Best venue to go dancing?
I don’t typically party when I’m in Vegas.. or go dancing… but when I need a girls night with a few shots and dancing I will go to Chateau night club inside the Paris Hotel.

Best strip club in Vegas?
Best strip club is Sapphire.

Best resort pool?
Best pool … can you choose?!?!

You attend AVN and Exxxotica – tell us about them.
I love AVN and Exxxotica because it allows me to meet my fans and get to know them.. if you ever see me at a convention come say hello because I want to meet you & take selfies!!

How do you like your sex? Favorite positions?
Cowgirl is my favorite position, doggy is my least favorite.

Favorite foods?
Favorite food as of now would probably be tacos.

Favorite beverage?
Favorite drink is Pinot Noir red wine.

Favorite color?
I love the color pink

Favorite TV shows?
TV shows right now, I just finished Peaky Blinders, Taboo, and am starting Better Call Saul. My all time favorite is Westworld.

Favorite way to relax and unwind?
My favorite way to relax is going on vacation to a warm sunny beach… but when I can’t do that I like to take warm bubble baths with wine!

Guilty pleasures?
Quilty pleasure is chocolate… dark chocolate with sea salt or chocolate covered strawberries!

Places you would like to visit?
I would like to visit Bali, Greece, and Spain.

What’s on your upcoming schedule?
I’ll be at Chicago Exxxotica in May and I’ll be featuring at Sapphire in Las Vegas again this June. Shooting many new scenes for my website.

Anything you would like to add or say to the fans?
Join my website, or my premium snap chat for the latest content, and please message or email me if you have requests for my upcoming shoots!

Thank you and hope to see you soon!
Thank you so much again for everything! i look forward to seeing the issue!
Instagram @officialalexismonroe

Alexis Monroe is represented by The Lee Network
Photos courtesy of The Lee Network

Reena Sky Interview

A ten-year veteran of the adult film world, petite and busty Reena Sky has graduated gracefully from cub to cougar par excellence.
Although she may be best known for her knock-out girl/girl performances, Reena is a bisexual beauty who has turned in amazing performances opposite some of Pornoland’s top studs. A multi-talented performer, dancer, and model, Reena is also a fitness buff, and it shows!

Happy New Year! We’re into the first week of 2017. How did you spend the holidays? Christmas? New Years Eve?
I spent Christmas with my family in Northern California, and came right back down to LA to get back to work before the New Year. New Years Eve I spent watching movies and cuddled up by the fire. Very chill and relaxing 😉

We’re staring the new year, what do you have planned for 2017?
I have so many things planned for this year, I will be adding a bunch of new options to my website like video on demand and I will start offering BG custom videos through my website

Do you have any new releases about to come out?
I have a few scenes that have yet to be released, I always update and promote through social media.

Tell us something you’ve never done that you would like to do this year.
I would like to film more outdoor sex

Tell us something you haven’t done since you were a teenage that you would like to do again.
Made out in the back of a car ;P All awkward and awesome.

We see that you were born In San Francisco. Tell us about growing up there.
I actually grew up in between SF and Sacramento in a small town. I loved living there as a child, people are nice there, and there are still no big buildings and a lot of farm land.

And you still live in San Francisco. Tell us what makes San Francisco so special. What are the things you like most about the city.
I have lived in LA for over 10 years now. However I love SF because of the people. There is just something about the energy there, I don’t know if its the cool ocean breeze or the beautiful history in the buildings, but I love going back home.

Mexican on one side, Italian on the other. What did you get from each parent?
My mother is Italian and I got my feisty sassy attitude from her, and my father is Mexican and I got my intimidation tactics from him 😉

Do you speak Spanish?
Too little to comment… another thing I want to accomplish this year

You bio says you were a dancer before getting into porn. Where did you dance? How long?
I danced all over SF but the club I danced at the most was The Crazy Horse.

How did you get into porn?
A talent agency asked me to fly to Florida and get paid to make out with girls….

Do you remember your first scene? How was it and what did you do?
Like it was yesterday! It was in 2006, it was an all girl orgy.

You’ve been at it for over a decade. What are some of your most memorable films?
If I watch my scenes, I can go right back into that moment, so all of them are memorable. I mean we are not just making a movie, we are sharing ourselves with the other person and the audience, so it’s hard to forget that.

What are the titles of your three most recent films?
A Christmas Spirit for Girlsway, Lesbian Coming Out for Girlsway, and The Clairvoyant for PrettyDirty

People you enjoyed most having sex with on film?
I loved working with Karlie Montana and Chanell Heart! So much chemistry with these two!

Best director you worked with?
I love Stills by Alan and Jackie St. James

Did you ever think you would last this long in the business?
I don’t know what else I would be doing!

What are your favorite types of films to be in?
I love all of them 🙂

What was the most outrageous sex scene you did on film?
2 guys in my pussy at once, I would like to do more of those.

Now, what about off camera?
Ha ha ha ha, I’ll never tell

What’s your favorite position?
I like them all.

Least favorite?
Pile driver, unless I’m drunk.

Anal yes or no?

Oral – give or receive?
69 🙂

How much time do you spend on social media?
Too much, I’ve deleted the Twitter app so I have to login every time. Helps to keep my mind clear!

Do you have sex toys? Your favorite?

It will be Valentines day when this issue of Xcitement is out. What’s you ideal Valentine?
I would love a night of seduction and pleasure, draw me a bath for two, then wash me and tease me. Then take me into the kitchen and feed me sweets while you play with my naked body, and then lead me to the bedroom where you spend all night pleasing and teasing me.

What do you do in your leisure time?
I love to sew and paint. I also love taking baths, lol.

What do you first thing when you wake up?
Take care of my puppies.

What’s for breakfast?
Coffee and a protein shake.

Favorite foods?
Anything healthy

Are you a good cook?
I love to cook.

Favorite mainstream actor and actress?
Actor Denzel Washington, actress Margot Robbie.

Music you like to listen to? Favorite musicians?
I listen to all kinds of music, soul, country, rap, rock and roll. I love it all

TV? Favorite shows?
I don’t watch much tv 🙂 but I do love The Walking Dead.

Outdoors or indoors?

Travel or stay or at home?

What makes you special?
We are all special because we are unique, there will never be another me 😉

What’s on your website?
You can order custom videos, Skype shows and lots more. I run my own site, so I will communicate with you directly and satisfy all of your needs 🙂

Some words for your fans.
I appreciate all of the support over the years and I can’t wait to make more naughty smut for you 🙂

Photos: Stills By Alan, courtesy of

Twitter is @reenaskyvip
Instagram is @reenasky

Jennifer White Interview

We’re looking at the brand new photo set you sent us – you look fantastic, the poses are great and the photographer did a wonderful job, so let’s start off the interview with you telling us about the photo shoot. We see that they are birthday photos!

Ya, it was an awesome shoot! Scott Wallach was the photographer. He is absolutely amazing!! What you saw was one set out of 4 outfits. So be on the lookout for more! 😊

After you finished the birthday photoshoot did you go out and celebrate your birthday?
I did! Went out to sushi with some friends then called it a night. Nothin too crazy. I hope to really do it up this weekend 😉

It’s about to be Valentines Day. What would be your ideal romantic Valentine night?
Chocolates and sex ❤️

If we were to buy you a Valentine’s gift, what we should we buy?
A sexy red lingerie set for me to wear for you 😈😘

We see that you cam, are in videos, feature dance, and do lots of social media. Which came first, the camming or the adult films? And how long ago?
I definitely started with adult films, then came social media, then camming, then feature dancing 😊 I started performing in January 2009.

It takes a lot to separate ones’s self as a web cam model from the rest of the pack. It seems you are quite the celebrity so what’s your secret?
I think it had everything to do with starting my career in adult films. It’s helped me tremendously with my web camming.

How often do you go live, what’s your specialty?
I try and log on as often as possible but haven’t gotten a strict schedule down as of yet. In the near future I hope to do a weekly live show on the same day and time every week and I’ll do solo shows on there as well as bring on some sexy guests, both male and female 😈

Tell us about your relationship with Chaturbate
So far chaturbate has been awesome! I really enjoy the system they use with tokens. It allows me, as the performer, to interact more and play fun web camming games with the fans watching.

Now to films, do you remember the first porn scene your shot? What was it like and what did you do?
I absolutely remember! It was a boy/girl scene with Alex Gonz for Vivid’s ‘Brand New Faces’ line. I just remember being super nervous but once the cameras started rolling it was a lot of fun 😍

How many films have you been in?
Over 300+

Names of some of your favorites?
The stripper from mile high media was a great one. A classic if you will lol I was nominated for both, best actress and best scene in a couples themed release at AVN for that movie. 😍 my new fav scene was just released Feb 2nd for Brazzers: Pornstars like it Big ‘the replacement’. It’s a really hot anal scene with me and Danny D 😍😈😍

What was your first box cover?
I believe it was also my first scene for vivid’s brand new faces 😊

On your Twitter we see a Brazzer’s release called “The Replacement”. Could you tell us about it.
It’s definitely a must see! Basically Danny D plays the sound guy at a porn shoot. The male talent doesn’t show up but I just needed cock in my ass so bad that I forced the sound guy to become the male talent! It was such a hot scene with great chemistry!

What was your all time favorite scene? What did you do?
My all time favorite scene to date was the

We see you reposted a tweet from Dark Flacon with a hashtag #DPBattle. So let’s herar about the DP.

We also see the DP Battle of the Year Tournament. Sounds very intriguing.
That was just a fan posting a random fan voting system on who has the best DP’s between abella danger, and myself. I was totally surprised to see that I won 😈

Who would you like to work with in the future?
James Deen always
And many many more! I see a lot of new cocks in my future as well 😍
I would love to shoot with Katrina jade! 😍
Definitely Axel Braun, Jules Jordan, Greg Lansky, Brad Armstrong, Brando,

Whose work do you admire?
I truly admire Axel Braun’s work as well as Jules Jordan, Greg Lansky, Mason, and so many others. I have so much respect for those people.

Somehow we missed you at AVN. Tell us what you did.
I was signing all 4 days. Also, I co-hosted the Saint and Sinners Party. Walked the red carpet and watched the whole award show. It was a lot of fun!

When did you begin feature dancing?
I started in July 2016 ☺

You are booked here in Florida. Naturally we are excited. What can we expect at your shows?
You can definitely expect sexy outfits, hot pole tricks and lots and lots of twerking 😈

Social media – we see you added Snapchat to the list. How much time do you devote to Twitter, Instagram, etc.
I probably devote roughly 3 hours a day toward social media… at least… lol

What do you do in your downtime?
Sleep lol 😋 I don’t have a whole lot of down time these days, which is an awesome thing 😍

Now a bunch of random questions –

Your favorite body part?
My booty

Least favorite?
My pinky toes lol

With a guy, does size matter? Why?
In my personal opinion, no it doesn’t. Sex can be enjoyable with cocks of all sizes 😊 I’m an equal opportunist lol

Days or nights?
I’m a night person by nature, but I love me some daytime fun too ☺️

Indoors or outdoors?

I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and A diehard LA Kings fan!

Music you listen to?
A little bit of everything honestly

Favorite recent movies?
Deadpool 😍
Captain America: Civil War
Suicide Squad
Haven’t seen it yet, but Doctor Strange looks amazing! (I’m kinda a comic book nerd if you couldn’t tell 🤓)

Favorite TV shows?
Game of Thrones
The Big Bang Theory
The Last Man on Earth

Places you would like to visit?
And so many more!!!! I love to travel!😍

Airplanes – love to fly or hate it?
Doesn’t bother me unless I’m in the middle seat lol

Favorite color?
Pussy pink 😊

Favorite foods?
Sushi and chocolate 😋

Astrological sign?

Height weight measurements?
5’5″ 120lbs 34-28-38

Favorite sex toy? why?
I’m sure most girls have the same answer…. the Hitachi… lol does the job, every time 😈

Best sex position?
missionary with my legs behind my head

Top or bottom?

Ideal orgasm?
Extremely intense with all holes filled 😈

Dominant of submissive?
With men: submissive With women: I flip flop but will automatically take over if she’s not dominant enough 😈

First thing you do in the morning?
I have this ritual where I like to cum 3 times before I get out of bed everyday. Start the day with a nice big boost of endorphins 😃

Last thing you do at night?
I like to cum before I go to bed too! makes for naughtier dreams 😈

Top thee on your bucket list?
Get Rich
Go to Amsterdam
Win Performer of the Year at AVN

Plans for the coming year?
I plan on continuing to feature dance all over the US, work for the biggest companies, shoot for the biggest directors, shoot more badass scenes then I’ve ever shot throughout my career, and win some fucking awards!! 😍🏆

Anything you wish to add?

it’s a wrap! thank you. We shall see you at the Pompano Beach Gold Club on March 24 and 25. We’ll be there both nights!

Brett Rossi Interview

Born in Fontana, CA, Brett Rossi is a true California Girl. At 14, a coach directed runway shows for Gottschalks and Forever 21 stores scouted her. Brett accepted the challenge, doing runway shows and retail catalog shoots with her grandmother, a former Pepsi model, managing her career.

At 18, she began doing centerfold and glamour modeling. In 2010, she took on the stage name of Brett Rossi, posed for a variety of men’s mags, and worked at the Playboy Mansion as a painted model to pay for college. In 2011, she became a national hit with her debut on Howard Stern’s radio show, was dubbed her December Miss Howard TV, and hosted the December Howard 100 series on his SiriusXM channel. Also in 2011, she was named Playboy’s Cyber Girl.

In February 2012, she was Penthouse Pet of the Month, and signed a contract with Twistys to shoot girl/girl scenes. Her contract ended in 2013, and she left the industry to finish her nursing degree. Six months later, she was dating Charlie Sheen—they were engaged in 2014 and later that year they ended their engagement. In 2015, she returned to adult, signing a contract with Kayden Kross’ TrenchcoatX to shot her first boy/girl scenes. Now a free agent, she’s shot scenes for Digital Playground,, Reality Kings, BangBros, Nubiles, PornPros, Brazzers, Mofos, Hustler, Wicked, New Sensations, Metro, Zero Tolerance,, Girlsway, and Pretty Dirty.

The funny, sexy girl next door has graced the pages and covers of several adult publications including Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Cheri, and Club. Brett has scored four AVN Awards nominations for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene, Best Oral Scene, Best Star Showcase, and Best Three-Way Scene B/B/G, along with 4 AVN Awards noms for Crossover Star of the Year, Girl/Girl Performer of the Year, Best Scene All Girl, and Performer Showcase of the Year.

Keep up with everything in Brett’s world, by following her on Twitter at @imbrettrossi and look for the relaunch of her site through the CrushGirls Network this year.

We first met at the AVN show this January and said that we would like to have you on our cover. Here we are now, and it’s happening much sooner than expected. Let’s start with AVN, so could you tell us about the week in Las Vegas, starting with the trade show:

Tell us about the stunning red dress you wore on the Red Carpet.
I hadn’t picked out a dress and we were a week away from AVN. I was visiting my good friend Kayden Kross, and she let me borrow her dress. I was in love with it and she wore the year before.

You performed live in the Comedy Chaos show at the LA Comedy Club in the Stratosphere. What is like to do stand-up comedy in front of a live audience?
Comedy comes natural to me. I’ve been on stage for a very long time, so it was great to be back on a stage and combining two things I love: performing and comedy.

How did you come up with your material?
I wrote my entire stand up show based around my real-life events that I have experienced dating.

How does one rehearse to do stand up?
I actually didn’t rehearse at all. I simply just made sure I knew my key points, and if I didn’t miss my key points. I knew I could wing the rest considering it was all based off my real-life dating stories, which are pretty comical.

Did the audience love you?
I suppose they did. People laughed, so I think they did.

Brett is commonly a man’s name, such as Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre and country music singer Brett Eldredge. How did you come to be a Brett? And, do you have a masculine side?
My real life nickname is a boy’s name and I’ve always loved boy’s names for girls. When I got in the business, I knew I wanted an uncommon name and that I wanted a boy’s name. So, I came up with Brett and used my real last name, Rossi.

In our opinion, you look more like a high society woman than an adult star. In another words you appear to have a lot of class. Are we correct in our assumption?
Yes, believe it or not, I’m rather a prude in real life. I don’t show much skin. I’ve always thought it was important to uphold a very classy image, because being in adult there are already large stereotypes. So it’s always important for me to keep it classy and not let my image be defined by my job or a stereotype.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
I was born in Southern California and I grew up in the Inland Empire.

Your bio says you were a teenage runway model. Could you tell us about that experience? What were some of the clothing styles and lines you modeled?
Yes, I was scouted by a runway director when I was waiting on tables at 14. She worked for Gotchalks, Forever 21, etc. I never once took a class for runway, it was always just natural for me.

Your bio also says worked at the Playboy Mansion. In what capacity?
Yes, I worked at the Playboy Mansion as one of Hef’s painted girls.

You were a Playboy “Cyber Girl”. What is exactly is that?
I was a cyber girl back when Playboy still owned their website. It was basically their internet version of their Playmate of the Month.

Any comments on Hugh Hefner?
Hef was kind and generous the times that I met him. He hand-picked me to be one of his painted girls for several parties, so I can’t complain.

How about Howard Stern? He made you “Miss Howard TV”. Can you explain how that came about and some of the highlights of the title?
I was discovered on twitter by Howard’s longtime friend and assistant, Ronnie. Ronnie contacted me and I thought it was a joke. Then, I was contacted by Howard’s producers. They said Howard chose me to be Miss Howard TV and insisted I come to NYC to film for Howard 100 and be on his radio show.

You were Pet of the Month in February 2012. Where did you shoot the layout and what were the photos like?
I shot the layout in Hollywood Hills and the layout was supposed to be timeless and elegant, which they were.

Somewhere in this time span you filmed your first adult video. How did it come to be? What was title? And what did you do on camera?
I had done solo work for Twistys, and while I was on set for Penthouse someone mentioned the kind of money they were making doing GG. So I figured, why not? I like girls, so how hard could it be.

You were engaged to Charlie Sheen, and it made tabloid headlines. Do you care to talk about it or is that chapter of your life closed, over and done?
He was he love of my life, but it was a very toxic and unhealthy relationship. I learned a lot about myself and how strong of a person I have become because of that experience. That’s pretty much all that needs to be said about that chapter of my life.

You were working on a nursing degree. Did you ever complete your studies? Nursing would be a totally different side of you. Do you think someday you will pursue a nursing career?
I was 6 months away from graduating, but unfortunately I was in a relationship where that person didn’t want me to finish. Foolishly, I dropped out, but I guess it was a blessing in disguise, because now I’m on to bigger and better things in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I got very attached to my patients, and dealing with the death of patiens was very hard on me emotionally.

That’s a beautiful horse you own. Can you tell us about it like the name, breed, and sex. And can you describe the horse for those that have not seen the photos?
My horse is named Virgil. He’s a black and white gypsy with blue eyes. He’s the most fantastic living being that I’ve ever been so lucky to have in my life.

How old were you when you started riding? What are your equestrian skills? Have you ever competed?
I’ve been riding on and off since I was young, but I didn’t start riding seriously until I was in my mid-twenties. I intend to eventually show my horse in either hunter/jumper or dressage.

What about trail riding? 
Trail riding is actually my favorite thing to do!

Is singing around the campfire something you would enjoy?
I’m not a campfire kinda gal.

Let’s get back to the adult video part of the interview. At one time, you retired from the adult industry. Why? What motivated you to return?
I decided to go back to school. Then, I found myself engaged and then I wasn’t, so I decided to come back.

After you returned who was the first company you shot with?
Actually, my first scene back was a GG scene for HoloGirls VR

Recently you appeared in adult TV series “Mom’s Teach Sex.” What’s that about?
I had no idea I was in that. I work a lot, so maybe I forgot. LOL

You recently made your debut as a director in “Brett Rossi Girl Crushed’ from Deviant Entertainment. Tell us about the cast and the film
I specifically wanted all top trending performers, and girls who loved girls. My cast was an A-list cast, and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls to direct for the first time!

What’s it like working both sides of the camera?
It’s definitely a little more challenging. There are a lot more details and things to deal with on the other side of the camera.

Another recent film that you are in is “Sex is for Lovers #2” by New Sensations. What did you most enjoy about the film?
I enjoyed James Deen. He’s amazing!

A different release would be “Cougar BDSM #3” from Zero Tolerance. (Great cover by the way!) What’s your scene in the film?
I worked with Tommy Pistol for Mike Quasar. It was a different type of genre than I’m used to shooting, but I had a lot of fun!

In real life are you into BDSM?
I am not, but my boyfriend is and I find it intriguing.

Dominant or submissive?
I am dominant with women and submissive with men.

Do you prefer to perform in girl/girl or girl/guy videos?
I will always love doing GG, but I think they both comes with pros and cons. Most important to me is having a scene partner that is into me just as much as I am into them!

You have several new Internet scenes. How do you compare those to your scenes on DVD?
I’m not really sure, I give my all in every scene I shoot.

You just appeared in a music video for Ninja Sex Party. Can you tell us more about it when we can expect to see the actual video?
I’m not sure when the video will be out, but it was a cover for “Pour Some Sugar On Me” and it was a LOT of fun!!

Your latest scene for Brazzers is “Last Dance with Brett Rossi” from Brazzers. Did you enjoy working with Keiran and the premise of the scene?
Kieran and I are great friends, so it’s always a pleasure working with him.

So did you leave Keiran Lee’s house satisfied?
Of course!

Who would you like to work with in the future?
Actors? Actresses? Directors?
I don’t really have any specifics… I just want to do more features and work with more performers, who are great actors and talent!

Whose work do you admire?
That’s sort of a hard question. I try not to admire anyone’s work specifically. I try to admire their work ethic more, because work ethic keeps a career thriving. I think Kayden Kross is probably my biggest idol, and the person whose work ethic I admire the most.

Tell us about your website.
My new website has never before seen boy/girl videos, girl/girl videos, and also home videos! I also personally run my website 🙂

How can we find you on social media?
Twitter and instagram : @ImBrettRossi

We love your funny video clips on your Twitter. Can you tell us more about those?
PornSoup? PornSoup is a YouTube show that Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrera came up with. We created a character, Billy’s Mom (who is played by me), and she basically is their crazy next door neighbor, who is in love with Manuel.

Now a bunch of random questions…

First thing you do when you wake up?
Check my phone, say hello to my lab, Sam, and brush my teeth.

Last thing you do before sleep?
Brush my teeth

On Twitter you said that you collect PJs – tell us about the collection.
I just really like different sorts of pajamas. I spend a lot of time in my pajamas. Ha ha.

Are you a day or night person?
Definitely a morning person, I wake up every day naturally at 6:30am, and I’m in bed by 9pm.

Your favorite body part?

Least favorite?

With a guy, does size matter? Why?
I’m past that, I don’t date for sex. I date for emotional connection. If I have an emotional connection with a guy, size won’t matter, unless you have a micro penis. Then, maybe size does matter.

Describe your ideal lover.
Someone who lets me be comfortable being myself. I also like intelligent men and men who can cook.

Inside or outdoors, nature loving?

I used to be big into sports, but now I enjoy horseback riding and working out.

Workout routine if you have one?
I have a personal trainer who trains me 5 days a week.

Music you listen to?
Depends on my mood. I’m moody.

Favorite musicians?
Too many to list.

Favorite recent movies?
None recently

Favorite mainstream actor and actress?
Natalie Portman

Favorite TV shows?
Criminal Minds, COPS, Live PD, anything on the VICE network.

Places you would like to visit?
I’ve been lucky to visit a lot of places around the world, but I would still love to visit Argentina.

Airplanes – love to fly or hate it?
I don’t mind physically flying, but the process is a pain in the ass.

LA traffic?
I’ve lived in LA long enough to learn the traffic trends and when to not drive during certain hours.

Best places to take visiting friends in LA?
Santa Monica

Favorite color or colors?
Grey, white and green.

Favorite foods?
Sushi and Mexican.

Astrological sign?

Height weight measurements?
5’8”, 115, 32D-24-33

Favorite sex toy? why?
Hitachi, because it gets the job done quickly.

Best sex position?
Depends on my mood.

Top or bottom?
Depends on my mood.

Ideal orgasm?
Vibrator on my clit while being fucked doggy.

Top three on your bucket list?
I’ve already done them 😉

Plans for the coming year? Next project?
Going back to feature dancing in April, doing more stand-up comedy shows, and more directing.

Veronica Rodriguez Interview

To start the new year, we at Xcitement are thrilled to have our hometown celebrity Veronica Rodriguez on the cover. Veronica is a Miami girl and the rare adult star that chooses to stay local rather than move to the industry center in Los Angeles. She’s one of the biggest names in the business, a genuine star who enjoys life to the fullest and is a credit to our city. Veronica is a gorgeous petite Latina who needs no further introduction. Enjoy the interview, it’s a great read!

Xcitement – Congratulations on all you AVN (Adult Video News) nominations. You sure received plenty! How did you feel when you saw your name over and over?
Veronica Rodriguez – Thanks and yes this year I got nominated to 11 AVN awards, 9 nominations by AVN and 2 nominations are the AVN fans voting awards, I’m very happy, very exited, and praying that I at least win one out 11 lol. I didn’t go to the AVN nomination party in LA because I live in Miami and I was feature dancing and couldn’t make it to LA at that moment, but I had a couple of my porn star girl friends that went to the party texting me to let me know that my name kept on coming up during the event, so I cried of happiness lol.
X – Let’s go over the nominations one at a time. You were nominated “Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene” from the video Love Her Madly, X-Art/Adult Source. Tell us about the film and and Xander Corvus.
VR -I love working for Colette and X-art, they are amazing people that treat me so good and spoil me, I make sure that I perform really good for them, they are great people to me. This was the second time working with Xander, he is very professional. We did this scene starting very slow and passionate but ended really hard core and with me squirting a lot lol.
X – A “Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene” nomination went to you and Gina Valentina in Lesbian Border Crossings, Forbidden Fruits/Exile. What did the two of you do that was so hot that you received a nomination?
VR -Yes so Jodi West from Forbidden Fruits Films flew me out to Arizona, I stayed at her house in the desert for 2 days because she booked me for 2 lesbian scenes. I did in this DVD “Lesbian Border Crossings”. it’s about illegal immigrants (me and Gina) crossing the border between Mexico and the US. in this DVD I did my first lesbian scene with Gina, it was getting dark in the desert and me and Gina light up a fire, we were lesbian lovers so we made love in a blanket in the cold desert next to the fire, it was very passionate and romantic and at the end I put out the fire with my squirt lol and my second scene was with Jodi West herself, she made me squirt also lol.
X – You displayed your oral skills in Slobber River BJs, Perv City/Evil Angel and won a nomination for “Best Oral Sex Scene.” One needs to be a real champ to get that one! Tell us about how you and Riley Reid teamed up on Mike Adriano. It looks like you girls were having lots of fun!
VR – This BJ scene is the nastiest scene I have done in my whole six years of my porn career. It was my first time working with Mike Adriano but I had worked with Riley a couple times before. I was exited to work with her again. When I show up to set they let us wear cute girly outfits and funny hats lol I was eating gummy bears and drinking Red Bull before the scene started, and at that time Riley was vegan, so she was just having healthy food and vegetables before the shoot. Once we started shooting Mike licked our assholes to get us started… me and Riley had so much fun sharing Mike’s dick, but once we started taking turns it got rough and when it was my turn Riley stared pushing my head really hard into his dick making me gag on it! My eyes got watery very fast, but once we switched I did the same to her, I was pushing her head so hard for her to cry and gag on it too. Our faces turned red… it was a very sloppy bj. At the end she and I were sharing it and Mike made us gag on it till we both vomited lol It’s was so nasty I vomited right after she did, her vomit brócolis ran down my face and I vomited all the gummy beards I was eating before shoot lol This is been definitely the nastiest scene I have ever done in my career!
X-OMG lol!!! Veronica Rodriguez: Latina Squirt Goddess, New Sensations received two nominations, “Best Three-Way Sex Scene – G/G/B” and “Best Star Showcase” first tell us about the three way.
VR -the BGG in my showcase movie Latina Squirt Goddess that got nominated was the threesome with Adrianna Chechik & Mick Blue… this scene was hard core, a squirting mess lol. Me and Adriana squirted so much, it was my first time working with her so I was very exited and nervous also, because she can be very rough sometimes so I was scared she was going to break me but she didn’t, she made me squirt so much, she is an amazing performer, I loved working with her and her squirting all over my face, she squirted so much on my face that I couldn’t breath at some point it was awesome!

X -Now let’s talk about squirting!
VR – I have a talent… I can squirt so much and so hard I can get the whole room and every one on set wet, including the camera crew lol! I was so happy to hear that my first showcase movie that I ever did “Latina Squirt goddess” got nominated for Best Showcase Movie of the Year and I want to thank William H. And New Sensations for making this possible and believing in me. I love William so much, he is my favorite director to shoot all my squirting movies with. I am not embarrassed to Squirt on William and his camera every time he books me for a squirting movie… it’s like he knows me so well lol!
X- A “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” nomination went to you, Gwen Stark and Porno Dan in Gargle This and Call Me in the Morning. The title of the film itself is pretty outrageous! Let’s hear all the outrageous details!
VR – Yes so Porno Dan booked me for a squirting threesome live show, I went to his studio, I was drinking a lot of water because I knew he wanted me to squirt a lot, he made me squirt multiple times but at the end he got a beer pitcher and he told me to squirt in it which I did and he drank it lol! He drank the squirt pitcher like if it was beer lol so nasty haha I loved it.
X -The best nomination of all that you received is for “Female Performer of the Year.” That is totally awesome and we congratulate you again. Was it a surprise?
VR – thanks 🙂 it wasn’t a surprise because I’ve been getting nominated as “Female Performer of the Year” for the past 3 or 4 years, I don’t consider myself the best performer. I know there are girls that perform better than me and deserve this award more than me so I feel lucky to even be nominated as Female Performer of the Year. The competition for this award is great and we all deserve this award at the end of the day.
X -Your website received a nomination for “Best Porn Star Website.” Tell us about the website, what is on it and what makes it stand out about the rest.
VR – My website is my hard work, I did it on my own (most of the pornstars don’t do their websites on their own, they do it thru their agent or a network) with the help of my boyfriend who runs it and edits all my content I put on it. We cried of happiness when we saw that my website got nominated as “Best Pornstar Website” because finally people are starting to realized my hard work, people are starting to notice all my effort I put into it and this recognition of even being nominated as “Best Pornstar website” makes me happy and I feel very satisfied with what I have accomplish so far. I’m EXCLUSIVE to my own website and company, I no longer shoot for anyone else or any other company, just for myself, so if you want to see my first anal scene that I ever did and my new XXX scenes you can ONLY find them on my website
X – The website has regularly scheduled live shows. We see you are up to #41 today. What’s in the shows and how do you keep them fresh so that your fans keep coming back.
VR – Yes, so I do free live shows for my members of my website, I try to do one or two live shows per week depending on my work schedule, and it’s just a way to thank them for being a member of my website… I do Lesbian GG live shows, when I invite one of my pornstar girlfriends over to play with me at least ones per month, or I do BG live shows with my boyfriend sometimes & I do amal solo live shows also, i haven’t done anal for sny other company but for my own and for my website only so during my Live Shows my members can see me play with my self and practice anal, must of them are squirting live shows lol. I Squirt so much.
X – We’ve seen you at Exxxotica with Team VRod. Your Instagram is @teamvrod #teamvrod. Who’s on your team? and what are the teams plans?
VR – My team it’s just 5 of us… me, my BF and my 2 dogs and my cat lol haha and well yes I usually have a booth at all the Exxxotica shows and I always pick 10-20 girls to work for me at these events to help me promote my new company and website, I like butts, I’m into big booty girls lol so I make sure all the pornstars I book for these shows or to shoot for me have nice butts lol or if I worked with them before and I loved working with them. I rebook them and fly them out to Miami to shoot for me or fly them out to represent me and work with me at my booth in all exxxotica shows.
X – You run your own company Veronica Rodriguez productions. How did that come about?
VR – I wanted to brand my self and not just be like any performer.I wanted to also direct and produce my own content that way I can keep all the profit and not only get pay for my performance, I prefer keeping 100% of sells from every video I produced instead of only getting paid $1500 for a scene. It took me more than 400 scenes to realize I could produce my own scenes and make more money. We as performers we only get paid 5%-10% of what they make selling each video. And how I did all of this and made this happened? I invested my own money in myself, my image, my company and my website.
X -Excellent. You are a smart woman! Exactly what is Veronica Rodriguez Productions?
VR – Vrodproductions: It’s my company, I’m the owner. It’s a company I opened back on 2012 but didn’t get it going till 2014, I was ready to start producing and directing my own scenes because I shot so many scenes, so I learned on set how to produce and direct from watching the producers and directors. There are many pornstars around the world, but only a few of us own our own company and websites. Must girls do their websites and company threw their agents or networks but they charge you 50-65% of what you make off your website and that’s so unfair, so I did it on my own, no agent, no investors, no networks, I did it all on my own with my own money and ideas. I’m a Miami based company so usually I fly girls out from LA or Vegas to Miami to shoot for me.
X – And what is in the future for VR Productions?
VR – I have about 100 scenes or more to put out this year, I have so many live shows to do for my members and I have so many nude snaps to send to my members of my website also. So far I have done GG lesbian anal for my website only, and anal solos, which I don’t shoot anal for any other companies. I still haven’t done my first BG anal yet. I practice during the live shows I do for my members every week, so they can watch me every week how I’m preparing my self for my first BG anal scene that will be coming out this year on my website. It’s what everybody is been waiting for and is finally coming this new year. Also Im working on my online store right now as we speak, and it’s almost ready, I’ll be selling my private uncensored snapchat, my pictures with autographs, my shirts and my first showcase movie Latina Squirt Goddess on my online store coming soon.
X – Getting back to social media we see you all over and constantly with new posts. It must be a full time job and then some! Do you do all your social media yourself? How much time do you spend on social media?
VR – It is a full time job to be able to keep up and run myself all my social media, I run my own twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook and I try to entertain every one every day posting something new, I feel like my image is all and if we can use social media the right way, why not take advantage of that? I love talking to my fans on twitter, I answer every one that tweets me, I snapchat every day must of the time and love twerking on my snapchat lol at the end of the day I am who I am because of my fans and those who know me and my work so I make sure that I appreciate their support back and I make sure I use my social media to communicate with my fans. I probably spend way too much time on social media lol
X – We love your Snapchats and never miss! For those that haven’t seen, tell us what they are missing.
VR – They are missing my beautiful ass twerking every day lol. I love dancing on my Snapchat, I love showing you guys my home in Miami, my view, my dogs, my personal life off and on camera, I also show my city, my Jordan’s collection, my workouts with my trainer at the gym, food porn, my vacations, my travels and my feature dance events sometimes I also put them on my snap.
X – Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and more. What are the benefits of each? Which is your favorite?
VR – The only benefit you get off all this social media is traffic. If you use them properly you can promote anything you want really. I like Snapchat, twitter and Instagram, not Facebook much anymore. My favorite? It’s Snapchat of course lol!

X – Let’s go back to the beginning. Where were you born?
VR – Venezuela, Maracay.
X – Where did you grow up?
VR – I grew up in Venezuela, but I came to the US when I was 12 years old.
X – What were you like as a teenager?
VR – I was a nerd, very good in school, very calm and quiet…
X – Tell us about the first time you viewed a porno?
VR – I was probably like 15 when I saw my first Porn video. I was curious and went online on the computer, my parents were asleep, it was late night, and I saw a B/G scene and masturbated humping my pillow lol.
X – What made you decide to enter the business?
VR – Money, I had 2 jobs I was working at the mall as a seller and a part time at hooters, money wasn’t enough to pay my bills so I decided to get into porn.
X – What was your experience when they filmed your first scene?
VR – I was very nervous, I was 19, had no idea what I was about to do, very nervous and curious.
X – Most adult stars move to LA but you are still with us in the 305. Tell us what makes Miami so special.
VR – the beach, I love the beach vibes, I like the warm weather, I hate the cold, the winter, so Miami is perfect for me, also because my mom and Lil sister live in Miami so I never moved to LA.
X – We follow your Snapchat and see that you live a very active life, always on the go. Let’s go through a typical day in the life of Veronica Rodriguez when you are at home. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
VR – I wake up at 11am when I’m at home and free of work, I cuddle with my dogs and my cat. I smoke a big fat morning blunt to start my day right, I go to the gym, I have a gym trainer, so I go to the gym with my trainer like 2/3 times a week, sometimes I take pole dancing classes also. I go to the beach a lot, and I also do dinner with my girl friends. I go to dinner also almost every night with my gfs, I do live shows for my website once a week, I take a lot of bubble baths also.
X – What do you have for breakfast?
VR -Arepas, I am from Venezuela so in Venezuela they cook arepas from breakfast to dinner.
X – How much time do you spend on makeup and beauty?
VR – I pay make up Artist to do my make up and hair because I don’t know how to do my own make up. Every time I do my make up, make up Artist charge me $150.
X – What color are your nails today?
VR – Candy apple red.

X – Tell us about your circle of friends.
VR – I don’t have many friends because I have issues trusting people, I have a very small circle of friends, only those that prove their loyalty to me.
X – Your pets?
VR – I have 2 dogs, a cat, and 7 fishes.
X – About working out in the gym?
VR – I have a trainer, she comes to me twice or 3 times a week.
X – Do you practice pole dancing?
VR – Yes I do, I take private pole dancing classes. maybe ones a week.
X – You said that you like the beach? Can you swim?
VR – Yes I do, that’s why I live in Miami… yeah of course I know how to swim lol, I took swimming classes growing up.
X- We saw you ice skating in Rockefeller Center. Looked like fun! How did you do?
VR – I don’t know how to skate on ice … but I’m learning, so every time I got o NYC I try to go ice skating.
X -Your favorite Miami restaurants?
VR – Prime 112
X – Your favorite foods?
VR – Italian ( pasta ) or Cuban food
X – Favorite night spots?
VR – LIV , Club e11even in Miami
X – How late do you stay up?
VR – 2/3am
X – Best time day or night for sex?
VR – Both
X – What’s the last thing you do before going to sleep?
VR – Smoke a blunt.
X – Do you think in Spanish or English?
VR – Spanish
X – Say something cute and sexy in Spanish.
VR – Que rico papi dame más duro
X – Now about your sex life. Girls or boys or both? and why?
VR – Both… I love threesomes
X – Dominant or submissive?
VR – I’m very dominant (my personality) but I’m very submissive in sex.
X – Favorite position? and why?
VR – Missionary (because I squirt the must in missionary)
X – Least favorite position?
VR – I don’t have one lol. I like them and try them all lol.
X – What turns you on?
VR – Oral, making out, or when they eat my pussy.
X – Do you masturbate? frequency?
VR – Every does… if you don’t, then you are weird lol.
X – Your best body part?
VR – Lips and ass.
X – Height, weight, measurements.
VR – – Height 5’2, weight 97, measurements 32A-24-34.
X – Favorite sex toys?
VR – anal beads.
X – Are you a voyeur?
VR – What’s this? Lol.
X – Favorite male adult stars?
VR – None of them deserve a shout out from me lmao hahaha lol!
X – Female adult stars?
VR – 1- Kendra Lust, 2- Abella Danger, 3- Uma Jolie.
X – Favorite mainstream actor?
VR – Vin Diesel.
X – Favorite mainstream actress?
VR – Jessica Alba.
X – Favorite movie?
VR – Fast & Furious 7.
X – Favorite TV show?
VR – Investigate (ID channel).
X- Taste in music?
VR – Hip hop & R&B, salsa, reggaeton, merengue.
X – Favorite musicians?
VR – Gilberto Santa Rosa, Shakira, Daddy Yankee.
X – What films do you have that are about to be released?
VR – 4 scenes coming soon
X – And finally, what are Veronica Rodriguez’s plans for 2017?
VR – My online store coming soon January 1st and that includes my 2017 calendar and my first anal scene on
X – We hope you rack up the awards at AVN. See you at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas!
Interview: Richard Kent
Photos: Courtesy of Big Head and Veronica Rodriguez