The Xcitement Magazine Tia Cyrus Interview

Let’s start with AVN because that’s where we met. What were some of the highlights of AVN and Las Vegas?

AVN is the biggest adult expo of the year, bigger then all the Exxxotica expos combined and is considered the PORN GOLDEN GLOBES. It’s the one time fans can meet almost all the top performers and CAM models of this industry. It’s a crazy week of fun events, parties and awards.  This was my first year signing at the AVN booth. I had a blast in the Artist Hall which is a location of the Expo I’ve never signed at. It was refreshing to be in a different hall and meet so many fans. It was INSANE THIS YEAR. Also this is going to sound lame and probably a predictable answer but the LIVE PERFORMANCE at the AVN AWARDS by Cardi B was AMAZING and worth the wait. I rarely go out and have yet to experience a live concert besides the ones AVN has for us every year. I really enjoyed her performance, hell, I even got on stage at the end with the DJ and danced my ass off.

What did you wear on the Red Carpet?  Was it a dificult decision?

Picking out AVN attire is always stressful but if you’ve gone as many times as I have you learn some tricks along the way like start planning or buying your wardrobe three months in advance to ensure you don’t stress over it last minute. I wore an ALL BLACK partly see thru Fashion Nova mermaid gown. I thought it was fitting to wear that particular brand seeing as we had Cardi B performing for us LIVE. Cardi B has an exclusive with Fashion Nova.  I wanted to show her my support by wearing the brand she is so involved with! MEN & WOMEN OF ALL SIZES. Big or small…..  Fashion Nova is a brand that takes pride in including everyone, not to mention this brand always has my size which is hard to find being so small and petite.

Your twitter account is Tia Fuckin’ Cyrus – you sure are making a bold statement. Tell us, who is Tia Fuckin Cyrus?

I actually wish I had added a middle name when I chose my stage name. But regardless friends and fans have always called me Tia Fuckin Cyrus! I mean I do fuck for a living so it fits, plus doesn’t Tia Fuckin Cyrus roll off the tongue better then just Tia Cyrus? I’m also very petite and classified as a spinner in our industry. How does the saying go? “Small things pack a mean punch” which I often do in my scenes, because I always fuck back but my reaction is what’s unpredictable. So I guess you can say I’m a bipolar performer. You never know what you’re gonna watch when it comes to me. Lol

We went to your twitter and the first thnig we saw was “The Boy’s Love Tia’s Mouth,” from New Sensations. OMG, that’s a lot of dick! and it appeared you were loving it. 

Yes, that scene from New Sensations was just recently released and I’m so excited for everyone to watch it. It’s a Blow Bang series. In this scene I get blow banged by five guys as I requested in the scene . And boy do I get spoiled with each cum load! I highly recommend you all to watch that scene. Especially since it’s my first official blow bang on camera!

Next we saw, “Like a Virgin.” Two in a row we see oral sex, or as people refer to it, blow jobs, So our question is, What is the man supposed to do and not do on his end when receiving oral sex?

Always clean your balls and dick before attempting to get oral sex from ANYONE. And always ask before sex or oral starts on where should you cum on that person. Not everyone loves to swallow ….yes that is a thing believe or not. I know it’s shocking to hear some people don’t like to swallow but it’s true. Not me though, I love swallowing but I have seen someone stop a scene the minute the talent pre came in her mouth and she was like, eww, yelled cut. Production stopped and she ran to the bathroom to spit it out. Lol I was like wait what? But she came back and went to shooting. So I learned something new everyday.

And you, what do you like when you are on the receiving end?

The rule is if I give you head you better give me some too before you fuck me. Or we gonna have some problems. Lol

What scenes do you like to film most? 

Sadly I don’t get booked enough Girl on Girl shoots, which is a genre I love and would like to shoot more of! So hint, hint to the companies reading this, throw a bitch a pussy or two please. Praying to the porn gods everyday, that I get to lick some pretty girls pussy, at least once a month would make me so happy.

What goes thru your mind when the camera is recording? 

I have a wicked sense of humor. I’m constantly laughing or being sarcastic so when reading my answers please remember I’m always laughing when answering these questions. The first thing that comes to mind when the camera is on… these three things listed below.
1.) Did I shave my butthole? (Yes we all shave our buttholes or get them waxed) fun fact huh? Lol 2.) I hope my talent isn’t allergic to perfume? (Yes it happens) I’ve had talent start breaking out in hives over perfume allergy!  3.) And three, I hope I don’t get cum in my eyes. (Personally I have really sensitive eyes and I basically go blind for a few hours when cum gets in my eyes)

Let”s go back to the beginning. Half Puerto Rican, Half Dominican, (we wouldn’t have guessed.) What did you inherit from each parent? 

I’m actually Puerto Rican, but my step father is from the D.R. So I have my step fathers personality traits like a D.R, but I’m all PR like my mama!

Your bio says you grew up in 14 different states.  That sure is a lot of moving.  Why was the family constantly on the move?

My step father is a highly paid computer technician who had multiple offers all around the US. He mostly kept seven months to one year contracts. Hence why we moved so much. We only stayed where work took him and left when the contract was up to the next job location. Which is how I got the nickname, Puerto Rican Gypsy!

What were some of the memorable places that you lived?

I always hold Kansas City close to my heart since I spent most of my teen years there finishing high school and working my ass off at multiple jobs to save up to move to California one day. which I did after I turned 18. Although Kansas isn’t known for anything big or fun, I have a lot of beautiful memories there. Hell I was crowned Miss Springhill and won a beauty pageant. I bet you all didn’t know I was a pageant QUEEN!.

The bio says you starting dancing in Missouri, What city? What club? How old were you? and what was the reason to dance?

I secretly worked night shifts at Bazooka Showgirls in Kansas City, Missouri. I was 18yrs old when I started. I had a day job working as a vet tech that paid very well. But how I got into dancing is a funny story. My boss at the time, who I worked with at the animal shelter was wanting to do something wild and freeing. During our many lunch breaks together she had mentioned wanting to get a house to rent but was afraid she wouldn’t have the right income. So she pulled out this flyer that said DANCERS WANTED. She said she wants to give it a try but didn’t want to do it alone by herself. So she asked me straight up if I would go with her. She said she spoke to dancers who were making close to $600-1k a night on dances and tips. That got me more interested so we both went one weekend night and started our first shift together and it sorta took off from there.

How and when did you get into porn?

I was discovered by a fellow performer named Shyla Stylez when she was feature dancing at Bazooka Showgirls to a sold out crowd. We hit it off immediately. She and I decided to double team together and do lap dances for her fans because she had a large line which was so long it went out the front door of the club. On her last day of her feature she gave me her number and said we should hang soon. The following day she missed her flight and she and I made plans to meet in California. A month after meeting her I came out for a two week vacation stay at Shyla’s place and we got so close we decided to become roommates and work on my career together. (Shyla Stylez passed away early November in 2017, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of my beautiful angel. I was lucky to have 10 amazing years with you. I miss her so much! And I hope everyone knows how much you are missed till this day. Till me meet again my love!)

Do you watch your scenes?

I don’t really watch the sex portion of my scene. I do watch the intro or should I say the acting portion of my scenes but that’s as far as it goes. I watch my acting so I know what I need to work on regarding expressions, delivering lines, etc. Sex is a universal language and you can’t go wrong with doing anything sexual on camera, so I don’t worry about how I fuck on camera or how I look. Because whatever happens, happens and still has a happy ending. But I do always watch the trailers to my scenes. I often break out laughing cuz the facial expression I see myself do when I’m cumming can either be too funny to watch, which is why I can’t watch my scenes…..I’ll just laugh at myself and be like wtf women control your face when your getting fucked.

How did your actress name come about?  Any significance to the name Tia Cyrus?

My mom wanted to name me Tiara before I was born.  I kept that in mind when choosing my stage name, but I also wanted to have a Latin name to ensure my fanbase knew I’m Spanish.  So I took off the RA in TIARA and kept it short to Tia which translates to Auntie. It’s sorta a joke in the industry cuz people know it translates to Auntie Cyrus and sometimes I can be that friend who acts like a mother or a auntie. People say I have an old soul by the way I act and carry myself. And my last name Cyrus was the first name of a kid I went to school with and I always loved that name. This was before Miley Cyrus went by Miley Cyrus. When I got into the industry she was just Hannah Montana. So no I didn’t steal her last name nor are we related. I get that question a lot. Lol But that’s how I came up with my name.

Ten years in the business and going strong. What’s the secret of your longevity?

I always tell newbies to take things slow with our industry and what it has to offer, like I did when I first started. For example, when you become a new member at a gym, there are so many machines to workout on. They all have different purpose on what they do to your body. One machine works your upper body, the other your lower body, and so on and so forth. As a new member to that gym, you don’t want to go ham on everything. That’s how you loose interest easily and burn yourself out. Same thing goes for porn. you wanna first stretch and get your feet wet with the smaller machines. Get a feel for what your getting yourself into and prepare the body and mind for some vigorous activities. Then you work yourself up to the harder machines that work out your body like lifting weights and hiring a trainer. Porn is just like going to a gym with a new membership to all these amazing (machines aka categories) such as solo, BJ, girl girl, IR, Boy Girl, Gangbang, etc. Take it slow and start off with doing stills, solos and BJ scenes and after a few months of doing those things and seeing that you really like shooting Porn, you add one or two more genres to your NOW AVAILABLE LIST. Always save the big stuff for LAST like anal and dp or gangbangs.

We are looking at some old photos, it seems you got implants midway in your career. What made you decide?

I’ve always wanted large breast growing up, unlike my siblings and cousins who all have nice tits or big butts. I actually got my breast augmentation done as an early Christmas gift to myself five years ago December 2nd at the age of 25 which is when most women stop growing breast tissue and are considered fully developed. That is why I waited at that age to do any work on my body which is MY CHOICE TO DO AS I PLEASE WITH. When I was a teenager I had always told my mom I’m buying my Tits when I got older and I kept that promise to myself and didn’t tell anyone but my agent and my family. It was a big surprise to everyone when I did announce I got my boobs done via twitter and IG. Everyone was so supportive when I revealed the big secret.

What changes have you seen in the industry since you began?

Well there are definitely way more girls in our industry. The adult industry has become so mainstream, that anyone and everyone can do it now. If you have a clip store and a camera your basically be in business for porn and ready to make money. Camming is such a big deal as well. I remember when there was only like two or three main cam sites like Streamates and now there about a dozen or more available. And social media is now a MUST FOR ALL PERFORMERS. In fact, social media is SO IMPORTANT that we are now booked based on our following count. I know, crazy!!! But it’s true, back in the day to get booked for a shoot you had to do GO SEES, which are basically porn auditions. We used to physically go to each company’s office and show our faces and bare bodies to them to be considered. Also we took stills so they remember what we looked like and put the photos in a booking folder. Now they just ask our agents for our social media platform handle and they look us up and look at our following count and trailers. So things have changed a lot. But we must be comfortable with change if you plan on surviving and branding yourself in this industry. Nothing stays the same forever.

How would you describe the state of the industry today?

I definitely see a decline in porn shoots and rates. Companies aren’t making as much as they use to. And that’s cause more models are branching out and becoming their own boss which I fully support. I myself am one of these many women who are comfortable in changing up the game.

Today the industry is largely driven through social media and the internet.  What are your thoughts? Love it? Hate it?

I sorta love social media but I also really hate it! I feel like every month there is a new app I need to download and keep up with. Can we just stick to the first four we started with people. Lol also I’ve noticed about everyone on this planet is seeking that easy ride to fame and wanting to go viral doing something either completely stupid and or dangerous. And that is something I’ll never get? Like the Tide Pod challenge, that was ridiculous of people to be recording themselves eating that shit and immediately puking or regretting the decision while panicking all live on camera.

How many hours a day do you spend on the web and social media?

WAY TO MUCH TIME. Hell this interview took me almost a week to finish by phone. I do everything on my phone these days cuz an iPhone is basically a computer so I treat my phone like a computer as well so I’m on it all the time. Not to mention I also have three phones. It’s that bad

Your premium snapchat.

My Premium Snapchat is the only platform I’m mainly focused on. I’m on my Premium Snapchat daily showing my fans a different side to me than what the internet shows you all which is mostly a fantasy. I perform daily XXX shows for my subscribers. Content you can’t find anywhere else online. Like watching me do my first Transgender BG show, which will be performed LIVE next week. I treat my Snapchat like a website but with a cam room vibe. Plus as a subscriber, fans get to talk to me daily thru my DM aka direct messages which I answer everyday. I really do enjoy talking to my fans on that platform and they have become my friends as well. I’ve had members for as long as almost 4 years now. My Snapchat has also become like a day in the life of Tia Fuckin Cyrus. I try to show my fans who I am as a person and not just as an adult performer. You see my ups and my downs. Raw footage of how I really am when I’m not performing a role someone has made up for me. My life gets pretty crazy sometimes and that’s what makes my fans stick around cuz my true self is completely different and admired by my subscribers. I keep it 100% real on my premium Snapchat. Which is why you all should subscribe.

What are your feelings on webcam? Is it good or bad for the industry?

I think web camming is awesome! I applaud every model doing it daily for part time work or as their main job. And personally I really think having it is good for our industry. Not every adult star or newbie gets a consistent work load of shoots each month and camming is a source of extra income. I’m blessed to have a well established name and brand so I don’t see camming necessary for myself. But I do know performers that do it regularly and they don’t have to shoot anymore cause camming is so lucrative and they are making way more off cam then they do shooting for big companies getting paid per scene. So I truly believe camming is an amazing thing for all sex workers. And also working from home is a HUGE perk.

Height, weight, measurements.

Im 5ft and 90lbs. My chest size is now 34D and I’m a size 0 in pants. I’m very petite.

Astrological sign.

I’m a Scorpio ♏️ Born October 30th 1990 (hallows eve) 1min away from midnight and from being born on Halloween. The funny thing is I still celebrate my birthday on both days the 30th and the 31st!

Are you a day or night person?

Sorta both! But mainly a day person.

First thing you do when you wake up?

I wake up between 5:00am-6:00am EVERYDAY AND NOT BY CHOICE. It’s thanks to my fur babies. I own 5 animals total 3 cats and 2 dogs. And everyday the dogs (Farrah & Gypsy) bark to wake me up around those two times and we ALL go out to the backyard to go potty and enjoy watching the sun rise. YES, even ALL three of my cats go out as well to enjoy the sunrise and fresh air with me. While the dogs enjoy a good poop and pee lmao Me and the kitties are sitting down watching the sky change colors. We spend a whole hour outside, then go inside and I prepare to do my morning routine with sissy Nikki Delano. Who happens to be family, my neighbor and best friend. Yes we both got houses a block away from each other. And around 7-7:30am Nikki comes by my house to pick me up and we go to the Starbucks that’s two mins away from our houses and come back to my place. We do this almost everyday when we both are home and in town.

What’s for breakfast?

Everyday I go to Starbucks to get myself a Blueberry Muffin with a Venti Strawberry Açaí Mixed with Lemonade refresher. I don’t drink coffee at all, but I do enjoy Tea first thing in the morning to drink. Specifically Starbucks tea.

Favorite foods?

I love mediterranean food! Omg yes, give me some hummus, pita with Rice pilaf, and some chicken. And you got one happy camper in me.

Do you cook?

Yes I do but nothing more then 30 min meals. If food takes longer to cook then it goes into the crockpot! Lol

Favorite TV shows (if you watch)

I actually have a few favorite TV shows: Shameless, Law & Order SVU, SMILF, STAR, BIG BANG THEORY, Will & Grace, Sabrina (Netflix Original Series).Big Mouth (Netflix Series,) NEWS, TMZ/

Favorite adult stars?

Nikki Delano who happens to be my best friend and an amazing top performer. And for Male talent, well Isaiah Maxwell cause he knows how to make a girl squirt lol like myself!

Favorite mainstream actors and actresses?

Cher, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Meryl Streep, and Seth Rogen are a few I can think of on the top of my head.

Best movie you saw recently?

Deadpool 2, Bird Box, Room, Molly Game, Pimp with Keke Palmer and Cam

Taste in music?

Im eclectic when it comes to music. But I do hate country and don’t really care for Opera or gospel. Lol

One place you would like to visit?

Paris & Greece!

How do you stay fit?  Do you have a workout routine?

I don’t really work out at all. Im naturally this thin and petite without having to put in the effort to maintain it. I guess you can say I born with good genes!? But every now and then I do attend a yoga class or a pole dancing class to learn new tricks for feature dancing and to stay limber.

Favorite color?

Does Black count? Lol if not then a Deep Burgundy Red and Turquoise are also favorites of mine!!!

Dress up or casual?

Casual all the way! If I’m not working I’m in sweats and in a robe at home 90% of the time. I’m a tomboy at heart! I just clean up really well and it’s hard to see the grumpy tomboy screaming inside me hating the fact she has to wear heels and a dress at an event. So I’m definitely a tomboy in disguise as a Lady half the time. Lol

Fan of lingerie?

Who isn’t a fan of lingerie? I love it! My favorite brand is Agent Provocateur!

Sex toys? favorite?

Hitachi for the win here…..sorry boys & girls! This answer is universal for all women who can agree five minutes with a hitachi is the best thing ever and straight to the point for a good quick cum session.

Dominant or submissive?

I’m actually both but more submissive on camera. I never really ever get to play a Dom on camera sadly. Hopefully that will change before I retire one day. Lol

Favorite sex position?

Missionary and Spoon doggy

Favorite body part, least favorite?

My favorite body part on ANYONE will have to be their EYES. And my least favorite would have to be a guys tant. Lol I’m sorry boys but a tant ain’t sexy to lick for me. Especially since some of y’all don’t know how to wax or shave that area.

Something we wouldn’t know about you?

I enjoy writing poetry and short scripts in my spare time. I also dabble in writing lyrics.

Last thing you do at night?

I Cuddle with my fur babies in a thing I call a cuddle puddle. All 5 of the fur babies jump on my bed and each get a limb to cuddle with or in some cases a stomach to lay on if I don’t have a open arm or leg to cuddle to. Lol

What’s on your calendar for the upcoming months?  (Exxxotica)

I’m definitely going to be doing CHICAGO & NEW JERSEY Exxxotica , not sure about the others expos tho. I might attend one of the other two not mentioned but I’m still not 100% on going to them.

Are you doing any feature dancing? 

Yes I do feature dance all around the United States. I always recommend my fans to call their FAVORITE or most POPULAR strip club and request to have me feature dance at that club.

A few words for your fans?

Regarding feature dancing….The clubs always books us models to perform at their club, fans assume or mistake we (the talent) pick the club and the location. Which isn’t true! We go where the bookings take us. So be sure to request me often at the club of your choice and maybe you will see me dance at a club near you. I always truly appreciate the fans that always come down to see me perform when I feature dance in their city. Sometimes weather conditions can be a little crazy but you guys always come thru and show your amazing beautiful faces in support of me coming down to perform. And for that I’m forever grateful!

Also I want to thank all my TEAMCYRUSXXX fans who have been so supportive of my work and career all this time. You guys are truly the reason why I keep shooting and performing these amazing scenes for you all to enjoy. I love you all so much.

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